Muurs, Indigenous and Washitaw

horses.jpgN.J. 'Emperor' Fighting Demands To Remove HorsesTRENTON (AP) ― Trenton Police say a man who calls himself Emperor El Bey must get rid of the two horses he's keeping in his urban backyard.El Bey says his half of the duplex is an embassy for the sovereign Abannaki Aboriginal Nation and immune from Trenton ordinances.Members say the Abannaki tribe were American Indians who were actually Moors and members of the Lost Tribe if Israel.The case could be headed for court, where it could get ugly.Men making similar claims were convicted in 2003 in a money order fraud case in Camden. The trial was complicated because they insisted the U.S. laws did not apply to them.Neighbors of the emperor in Trenton aren't concerned about diplomatic immunity. They say the horses just stink.To view this story and the news broadcast: from: The Times,

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