Reparations For 250 Million Slave Descendants

In 2008 the U.S. government continues to impose ethnocide and forced assimilation on all slave descendants, both those within its borders and Afrodescendants in Central America, South America, Canada and the Caribbean. We demand both our Human Rights and massive Reparations. This means much more than financial restitution for 310 years of chattel slavery and 143 subsequent years of brutal discrimination, including biological warfare with the man-made AIDS virus. It means the Restoration of our original language and culture and the power to govern ourselves. The white American ruling class wants many nations to believe that she has suddenly become humane because Senator Barack Obama has a chance of becoming President, but the truth is that he is not a slave descendant and he has publicly declared his opposition to true Reparations. If you want a copy of the recent Nation of Islam press release "An Obama Presidency: America's Great Deception," please email me at Be Unto The Righteous,Minister Malik Al-Arkam

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