Online Sales Predicted To Reach $204 Billion

Greetings Family,(Contact Information At Bottom Of Page)It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer" again (smile)It was announced yesterday that online retail sales are expected to grow to $204 Billion Dollars! How much of that is being spent at Black websites?As I've reported in the past...Not Much! Studies indicate that we as a people, are our own worst enemy. Blacks would rather buy at a mainstream web site then shop at Black web sites. Twice as many Blacks say they primarily use mainstream web sites than use ethnic sites, according to research on ethnic media by Bendixen & Associates (www.bendixenandassociates.com)...The White Mans Ice Is Always Colder!In these recessionary times, with brick-and-mortar sales showing a downtrend, the Internet is booming as a convenient place to purchase clothing, electronics, and even big ticket items such as cars. In the Forrester Research, Inc. study of 125 retailers (see The State of Retailing Online 2008: Marketing Report below), online retail sales will rise by 17 percent. With the three biggest categories being Apparel ($26.6 billion), computers ($23.9 billion), and autos ($19.3 billion).According to Target Marketing News (www.targetmarketnews.com) a primary source on Black marketing statistics, these are the same top 5 categories that Blacks spent over $744 Billion dollars on in The Buying Power of Black America study:- Housing $110.2 billion dollars- Food $53.8 billion dollars- Cars/Trucks $28.7 billion dollars- Clothing $22.0 billion dollars- Health Care $17.9 billion dollars***************(Advertisement)*********************Need some great ideas for corporate or personal gift-giving?Then go to City Lights Software(http://www.citylightssoftware.com )and see some of the most unique afrocentric gifts available online!We Deliver ONLINE - Direct To Your Desktop for just $14.95Please take the time to purchase one our afrocentric screen savers TODAY!Don't Just Talk the Talk...Let Your Dollars Walk the WalkIf you have any problems with purchasing online contact me direct at sales@citylightssoftware.com or call (213) 944-4176******************************************************Studies show that Blacks are behind whites when it comes to utilizing the Internet for information and online purchases. Black are less likely to cite the Internet as a resource for information, or to say that it has taken time away from television (see Packaged Facts, African American Market in the U.S. at www.packagedfacts.com). They are also less likely to have made a purchase over the Internet than the general population (26% versus 44%) and prefer to shop in person rather than online.There are 18.4 million Blacks online (according to eMarketer.com) and if we only agreed to purchase one Black product online during a targeted time frame, we could change the face of the Black community. Think about it! ... 18 million people spending an average of $20 equals $368 million Black dollars. Almost half of what we spent in brick-and-motor stores last year. What would this say to corporate advertisers? How many new jobs would be created in our communities? Think about the new products and services this type of community self-empowerment would generate, not only online but in neighborhoods all across this country.We as an online community must support our own. I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times; If you claim to support Black Business; If you want to see more Black products and services; If you want to see your people reach social and economic parity on the Net .... Then Purchase something from, Subscribe to, Volunteer or Visit a Black online website. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW!!!Remember, We Must Share The Knowledge (Network)...To Share The Dollars!!!To read more about The State of Retailing Online 2008: Marketing Report seehttp://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080407006494&newsLang=en***************(Advertisement)*********************TraVerus Travel - Become a part of the most unique family in MLMTo learn more about free travel visit their websitewww.traverusfaststart.com/yes.html******************************************************This Online Journal was brought to you by InterServe Networks. Feel Free To Forward To Your Network Of Online FriendsWe Practice Responsible E-Commerce Marketing and Privacy Policies. We do not indulge in or encourage Spamming. We never send unsolicited emails. You are receiving this message as part of our opt-in subscriber mailing list or you are a member of an affiliated newsgroup.For comments or suggestions please contact us at the following;Jim Neusom (jneusom@yahoo.com)Executive Director/PublisherInterServe Networks/City Lights Software, Inc.www.citylightssoftware.comwww.freshfaces2u.comwww.myspace.com/jimneusomwww.myspace.com/freshfaces2uTo subscribe to our opt-in mailing list simply send an email to; The_City_Lights_Reporter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ( on Myspace go to http://blog.myspace.com/jimneusom )

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  • The trend in that may be turning. MediaOne, the group that Cathy Hughes has have been active in the purchase of now relevant Social Networking websites of Black Planet, Asian Avenue, and Migente, all of which target the largest non-white populations of the United States.

    One has to also appreciate that many of us may not have the type of income coupled with that many Africans typically buy via a brick-mortar store where they can touch something rather than through online channel virtually. I respect that because Africans are not "virtual" but live in the real world... not cyberspace.

    Looking at recent trends at white/main stream online activity. there is as much confusion trying to get other groups to consistently buy online. The internet evolved as a generally free (apparently) of cost and much of which fuels business online is speculative at best and harkens back to the days of DOT.com.

    If we can give any advice to businesses online is to be relevant to your customers. Garvey spoke of self reliance and self generated economies for Africans and Africa but that movement built on the real needs of the people, not at digital trends that whites are starting to question the validity of.

    What is relevant to Africans? What groups of behaviors we would be categorized to? Think of Steve Cokely's the Factor in how some Blacks are elite and linked with White interests and some Blacks who chase after the elite Black folk. There are the middle who can be influenced any way, there are the Revolutionaries among us who seek profound change (hard core), there are those of us who are totally un-organizable (elderly, mothers and children, disabled). While the Brother spoke on making change, this formula works for communicating in our community. It can help Africans to realize that self reliance messaging will never sell to Black elites who will not benefit from leaving the side of white elite power.

    Although the middle are the largest group and generally are not swayed by any focused idealogy, they are by nature open to varying points of view. (this is why Politician Senator Obama can be in the company of Rev. Wright and Min Farrakhan, not agreeing but being agreeable.) Messages must appeal to that flexibility.
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