it's Time To Face The Truth

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonIt’s Time To Face The TruthWe must learn to be honest with ourselves and know our shortcomings. We will acquire cohesion but we will pay dearly for being a slow pupil.” Zora Neal HurstonAs the corporate mind control apparatus gears up to hype the rigged fascist political conventions, sell us products using the Olympics, professional football, baseball and inane programming it is time for us to pause and face some very unpleasant truths. We are living in perilous times. The AmeriKKKan government is insolvent, the US borrows two billion dollars a day just to keep the lights on and pay salaries. For the record the US government raids the Social Security Trust Fund on a regular basis just to keep things going and lower the real deficit. This deficit doesn’t include the high cost of empire: the wars we are waging directly in Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan or by proxy in Somalia or Georgia. The elites’ policies have bankrupted this nation morally as well as fiscally, the coming months and years are going to be extremely painful and unsettling. The AmeriKKKan standard of living is evaporating before our eyes. Worst case scenario we are facing a New Jack depression caused by the same economic policies that led to the one in 1930 but which will play out differently for us than it did for our grandparents and parents.For an accurate picture of the US economic situation go to the library, use their computer or if you have your own and are online log on to and read an article entitled The Great Consumer Crash of 2009 by James Quinn. It is an easy read with accompanying charts and graphs that thoroughly explain just how tenuous the current situation is. While the news is not good, it’s akin to being told by your doctor you have a life threatening illness, it beats being lied to, duped and bamboozled by the cable news channels, the television (telling lies to our vision as Chuck D says) talking heads and the government. US consumers, keep in mind, the word consume means to waste, have squandered and bankrupted our present and future for the illusions of wealth: large SUVs and mega mansions, that are now decreasing in value. The economic tsunami is just getting started. There is more damage, devastation and deprivation to come.In the midst of this crisis we’re witnessing and experiencing a political process that fails dismally to address the needs, wishes and best interests of the people. The ruling oligarchy benefits from our media induced ignorance and cowardice as they continue to rob us blind and suck our life’s blood using their predatory schemes and criminally immoral system. As a result of their lies, corruption and warmongering, Bu$h and Cheney are reviled by all but the most rabid fascists and utterly brain-dead imbeciles. The US Congress has the lowest approval rating ever in the history of the country and rightly so. They got rich off of their insider deals, perks, campaign contributions (bribes), graft and corruption so they don’t have to worry about surviving during these perilous times. In addition they also have the best retirement and health plans around. Meanwhile their constituents are finding it harder and harder to make the proverbial ends meet. AmeriKKKans, as the article The Great Consumer Crash of 2009 shows, are awash in debt with no means of rescue in sight. To add insult to injury the government bails out the Wall Street culprits by passing bills touted to help struggling home owners but which in fact will help only a relative handful at best compared to the millions facing default and foreclosure.To make matters worse the psychopaths who set policy and tell the puppets in the White House and Congress what to do, have decided to rachet up the “Cold War” thus ensuring the long term growth and profitability of the military industrial complex. One faction of these devils has decided waging war on mythical “terrorists” to control the overland routes for natural gas and oil pipelines is playing out, they want to go right to the source which is the Caspian Sea. This means they will have to circumvent Russia’s (and to a degree China’s) influence in the region. Since these psychopaths already harbor a deep resentment towards Russia, and they covet the oil and natural gas in the Caspian Sea region, they are manipulating conditions to raise political tensions with Russia to ratchet hostilities. The recent debacle in the Caucasus is a classic example. A Western educated tool who was propped up and installed as president of Georgia by the US CIA and non-government organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy which is a right wing imperialist front organization was encouraged to invade South Ossetia by the US. Thisr ash move may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in terms of peaceful US-Russian relations.While the US is in no position to directly confront Russia, the threat of escalation will no doubt generate billions in “defense” contracts and divert our attention from the ongoing Wall Street and US government collusion, corruption and the impending collapse of the US economy. It’s time to face reality, we are being led down a very dangerous and disastrous path. Unfortunately the current political system offers no hope for real change. Barack Obama for all his talk about “hope” and “change” is merely a yes-man for the ruling oligarchy. His selecion of Joe Biden, a staunch warmonger, to be his running mate shows there will be no real if he is elected change. Neither Obama nor John McCain have the courage to redirect this nation’s priorities, nor the will to lead us away from perpetual war and fiscal ruin.We must abandon the notion that one leader can save us from disaster. It is time to take action to confront our real enemies, the ruling oligarchy whether it is through boycotts, massive general strikes or civil disobedience. Yes FEMA detention camps and US army labor camps do exist; but the government can’t lock us all up. Yes the AmeriKKKan gulag system (prison-industrial complex) houses over two million people, but they can not imprison us all. Yes AmeriKKKa is a country with a long history of virulent political oppression (War on Terror, COINTELPRO, Operation Chaos, the Palmer raids, the patty rollers during slavery etc) backed by brutality and violence, but the human spirit demands freedom, self-actualization and individuation . We are divine spiritual beings clothed in flesh. The CREATOR did not make us to be mindless automatons, willing slaves or to passively co-operate in our own destruction. It’s time to face the truth, which is we all have choice. We can choose to acquiesce to our own demise or we can choose to fight for our freedom. We can as the motion picture The Matrix stated, choose the blue pill or the red pill. We can choose between a continued comatose or wakefulness. We can choose self-determination of bondage. The hour is getting late, which will you choose?-30-

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