2024 Predictions

2024 Predictions

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them”. George Santayana, American Philosopher


Most of us are oblivious to the fact our present is built/based upon our past and likewise the future is built upon the present. Human behavior is a series of patterns and proclivities we call habits, customs, traits, norms and physiological conditioning. Over time we can discern a continuity or consistency in people’s patterns so much so we can accurately predict their future patterns over time. Much of our behavior is conformity to social pressures from family, peers, indoctrination and the government So when I offer my predictions for 2024 I am not star gazing, casting bones or reading a crystal ball, not at all; I am merely engaging in pattern recognition, trend analysis and extrapolating observable patterns onto the coming days of 2024.

Based in this past year and previous years, I can confidently predict: the United States will continue to be the greatest threat to world peace on the planet in its role as the greatest purveyor of weapons and violence on earth. Likewise Israel will continue its ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine and the US will provide unapologetic support for that country’s crimes against the people of that region.

The United States and its’ allies will continue their proxy war in Ukraine pumping billions of our tax dollars into a futile, unwinnable effort to bring Putin and Russia to heel. This U.S. mischief has been going on long before Putin launched his nation’s Special Military Operation in 2022. The US instigated and fomented the mayhem in Ukraine when it spent five billion dollars to overthrow supplant the duly elected president with their hand picked puppet. Things have gone downhill for that woebegone nation ever since. Ukraine cannot win this conflict but the crazies in Washington, London, and Brussels think they can force a military victory/solution there.

In 2024 flash additional points for global conflict and war will be: Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, the Red Sea area, the South China Sea and throughout the African continent. In Africa, the effects of 2023 coups will result in additional tensions on the continent as the governments in Niger and Gabon attempt to stabilize and restore confidence within their countries as will: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad and Sudan who experienced coups in 2021 and Mali who experienced a coup in 2020. On an up trend, many African governments are attempting to forge regional alliances with their neighboring countries to strengthen their positions militarily and commercially and leverage their proximity and natural resources for their betterment.

The world will witness more nations choosing sides, many in the Southern Hemisphere, Latin America and Asia will distance themselves from the US/NATO/Five Eyes Axis and link up with the expanding BRICS alliance that just took in Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates on January 1, 2024. We will see additional nations seek membership in the BRICS alliance. The tide is rapidly turning and the US/NATO/Five Eye/Israeli axis is not the team most nations want to play for or with. This quantum shift will have an extremely deleterious impact on the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the US global empire and its standing in the world!

In 2024 the fear-mongers in the media/government/Big Pharma cabal will continue to hype and exaggerate viruses during the flu season, pushing mRNA injections while ignoring natural immunity altogether and downplaying our bodies’ ability to defend and heal itself from illness. In 2024 the increasing alarm from insurance companies and their actuarial experts regarding excess mortality, their mounting payout “losses” due to the increase of sudden deaths as more and more younger people drop like flies, will continue being suppressed by the corporate media; which just coincidentally gets most of is advertising funding from Big Pharma! Everything but the mRNA shots will be blamed for the excess mortality in 2024.

Look for an accelerated push in the “anthropogenic climate change” scam as billionaire plutocrats/oligarchs push their “Green Agenda” on the world. Yes pollution exists, much of it is due to modern capitalism. If the greedy corporations stopped cutting down whole forests and stopped despoiling the plants that use photosynthesis to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, we would not face a “climate crisis”! It is these very same extremely rich folks and their corporations who are causing most of the environmental harm and disruption not ordinary folks like you and me. We need to realize this, call them out and hold them accountable!

The mind control apparatus suppresses the fact our planet is a living entity; if it were not, no life would exist here. All living things go through changes! The earth has gone through countless changes: ice ages, land shifts and continental divides, sea level rising and lowering, extreme weather, desertification and more before humans emerged on the scene. We are in a living dynamic, vibrant physical environment and we will see changes in the planet just as we see changes in ourselves. In 2024 people will still fall for the climate crisis okey-doke.

2024 will produce a highly contentious presidential election as the US becomes more polarized, fractured, uncivil and continues to disintegrate along gender, ethnic, economic and ideological fault lines. There will be little civil debate as the politicians and media talking heads further polarize and weaponize the political process.

In 2024 inflation will continue to rise despite what the politicians say. The US dollar is being debased daily as more and more money is put into circulation and the Federal Reserve Banking cartel manipulates interest rates ostensibly to stabilize the economy; but 2024 will see even more sticker sock and a further decline in our standards of living.

In 2024 the stresses of the so called COVID “New Normal” will result in the current trends of maladaptive behaviors, rising suicides, declining life expectancy, addiction and depression. The goodnews is all is not lost, we do have the power and agency to uplift and transform the quality of our lives even in the midst of so much turmoil. In 2024 many people will turn to nondenominational spirituality, meditation, and introspection and not be so outer directed thus gaining personal stability in the midst of accelerating change.

My intent is not to be a prognosticator of bad news; I’m merely to pointing out trends I think will continue into 2024. Stay well and think for yourself!



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