“They keep tryin' to tell me 
All you want to do is use me…”
 —Bill Withers
Unknown knowns—or known knowns—
or Fox-box foot soldiers’ alternative facts?
They say the Devil just built
Hell’s Hitler-Hoover wing—
with Koch Brother Money—
and Rumy’s running it…They say…
They say the Devil said tell Texas’s grand
dragon governor it’s wheelchair accessible; 
And tell Governor Woke Smoke, Overseeing
waterboarding and forced-feeding earn extra
Ice chips at the commissary…They say…
They say it’s like a black site. State of the art!
Or, more white supremacist Art of The State…
From Heritage Foundation hush puppies to uranium
underwear, to coltan cloak—and flaming cobalt crown—
They say, Rumy’s “Doing one Helluva job!”
But, Rumy-Wolfy-Schmuck Cheney-W-
Colin Powell/Condi couldn’t do to Mother Africa
what Nobel Peace Prize-winning Drone Ranger did…
Jump shots, soul claps, “Amazing Grace,” “Let’s Stay Together”
surface thrills—Sleepy-headed Negroz supplied him cover—
Happy-dancing on ice while dangling from his warhead. 
Bulging saddle bags, he Trojan-Horsed AFRICOM to poor, 
Hungry/Resource Rich Mother Africa…
Made his bones whacking Somali pirates/displaced Fisherfolk.
Rose in Pentagon pimp rank with masterful mack daddy dictum:
“When they go low— Mining uranium, coltan, cobalt, gold—
We go high—Predator/Reaper drones; Skyrocketing Q1-Q4 profits—
Shareholders' pockets will look like they got the mumps!!!!”
Never mind swollen tongues/parched throats!
Never mind women walking miles and filling
faded plastic jugs with Flint-ish water!
Never mind distended bellies of babies growling like wolves!
Forget famine! “All options are on the table” Ain’t about them…
The Drone Ranger’s legacy? Brutal businessmen trained at 
confederate bases? Grifter generals ever ready for war?
Camouflaged coup-coup clocks going off on command—
warring on women with weapons of birth?
Smoking gun heads in neocolonial masters’ mushroom clouds
Bloodbaths, thin destabilization soup, Are 2nd Berlin Conference 
offerings of external
Actors/foreign extractors; Who all agree:
“Give natives sticks with triggers; and let them play cowboys as multi-
polar plunderers make off like bandits with fruits of Miners’ labor…”
© 2023. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.




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