3828820686?profile=originalThere has been a lot of recent controversy about unpaid internships, and many former unpaid interns have circled back to file lawsuits against the companies they once worked for. Many agree that interns should be compensated, and should not work for free. But here's a different angle to consider.

The following are three reasons why "unpaid interns" should NOT be paid:

#1 - Because you agreed not to be paid. You applied for a non-paid internship, you were interviewed for a non-paid internship, you were accepted for a non-paid internship. And now you wanna sue the company for not paying you? You well knew what you were getting yourself into.

#2 - Because you had other options. It you wanted to be paid, why didn't you just apply for a "paid" internship? Research shows that there are literally thousands of "paid" internship opportunities available throughout the country each year. Some offer salaries, some offer stipends - either way, they are paying you.

#3 - Because the experience may be more valuable than the salary. If you agree to do an unpaid internship, this does not mean that the experience itself can't be more compensating than a paycheck. Some companies and organizations can give you a very valuable and educational experience that can lead to a high-paying job later. You may even pick up certain skills that others spend thousands of dollars to obtain, not to mention the amazing networking with other professionals that can help you reach your career goals. Even more, imagine how much more fuller and complete your resume will look. Not getting paid could still make the opportunity worth it!

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