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As the US stands on the precipice of yet another war in the Middle East and around the world; now it the time to assert the moral imperative for peace, sanity and good will towards all humanity. War is not the answer, we need to stand up, speak out and demonstrate we are not mindless zombies who go along with he policies of the ruling class and its warmongering supporters. Let the world know we say no to more war and yes to life, peace and sanity.

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Comment by michael w. caesar on February 11, 2017 at 7:51am

After having observed the first black POTUS in office, it is clear to me that this system of government (as it states within the confines of its' Constitution) will never meet the aspirations of anything fair, just, or equal as that relates to the maintenance of the status quo (?!). And if that means deferring to the Blackman as any innuendo of a Messiah, then they will conspire to dismantle the entire system or even allow it all to crash and burn; the blackman being relegated to nothing more than a scapegoat/fallguy being their only mantra.
What I see as our only alternative is to make our own way with regards to a resolve that will distance ourselves from those factions we know leading to this draconian movement of mean evil and wickedness that is evident and prevalent under this new administration POTUS-45!
We need to be building bridges that will begin the process of our expatriation from this system of racist white supremacy, to make it easier for our generations to come from under it, and establish themselves as free thinking global citizens of the World; not of a dying Capitalistic one.

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