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Singapore is an opulent city with largest number of millionaires of the world. If you have cash to spare – you can savor the best of shopping and dining.

Towering skyscrapers, well maintained public transport system, heritage sites, wildlife parks, opportunities for water and snow sports, deep sea diving, exotic food – the assortments included in Singapore Tour packageis multifarious and seductive.

Singapore is a city –state located off the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. This island country is made up of sixty three islands.

As there is scarcity of land the architectural horizon is full of skyscrapers. But there are specimens of beauty and elegance in architectural parlance also present. For the scarcity of space holding private vehicles is made extremely expensive. This shortage is made up by a very efficient public transport system.

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Singapore is a multi racial country. Most of the population is of Chinese, Malay and Indian origins.

Apart from the main Singapore Island there are fifty odd islets included in Singapore. Some of smaller islands of Singapore offer a break from big city with their passive ambience, idyllic beaches and inviting waters. Some of these islands are Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and Lazarus and sisters islands.

Sentosa is a resort island which is located near to the city and has a place in Singapore tourist map. A must visit item, this island homes sandy beaches, raw nature trails, Oceanarium and Dolphin Lagoon which are the most exciting of Asia, historical sites, museums and provisions for great entertainment including a newly opened casino. Underwater World Singapore is one of most exciting tropical oceanarium in other words large aquarium of Asia. The tourists can admire the native underwater life along with endangered underwater animals. This place features a long walk through tank so you do not have to get wet to savor marine life.

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Pulau Ubin is showcasing what Singapore was thirty years ago. It is with thatched huts, orchard in the backyards, dirt tracks and interesting wildlife. Saint John’s island is turned into peaceful resort with plenty of opportunities for water sport activities and holiday bungalows.

Kusu or Turtle island is famous for the legend that a turtle turned into island to save two sailors from shipwreck.

Lazarus and Siaters Islands are easily accessible entertainment havens well known for snorkeling and diving.

Singapore Night Safariis the first night zoo of the world. The Night Safari holds many surprises you can glimpse animals unexpectedly or hear wild sounds. There are about one thousand and two hundred animals of over one hundred and ten exotic species. The animals are in eight zones where various geographic regions like Southeast Asian rainforest, African savanna, Nepalese river valley, South American pampas and Burmese jungle are recreated.

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The Singapore Zoo is an open concept zoo. It homes more than two thousand creatures. It is internationally acclaimed for its clever use of rock walls and streams as natural barriers.

About quarter of land area of Singapore consists of forest and nature reserves. Despite being highly urbanized and densely populated, half of Singapore is covered by greenery. In fact, most of the primary rainforest was eliminated because of urbanization. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve homes the significant remaining forest. Still, Singapore has more than three hundred parks and four nature reserves. Trees are also planted to make up for the loss.

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