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2 APRIL, 2011.

Once again, the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace,
Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) wants to bring to the world’s
attention the sad and unfortunate events unfolding in Libya. While the
international news media especially CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have
sought to paint a picture of ‘Libyan pro-democracy’ forces fighting a
‘dictatorial’ government for ‘democratic reforms’ the truth on the
ground i
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The Politics of Saying Yes When You Should Say No
Mar 24, 2011
David L. Horne, Ph.D.  |   OW Contributing Columnist
Practical Politics

I was, am and will continue to be a great supporter of President Barack Obama. That support comes from his stature as the first African American president and what that means to African descendants, and other people of color, all over the world.
It also comes from his style, grace, eloquence and record of accomplishment during 2008-2011. He has definitely made so
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“Our people need to know that the enforcing of a no-fly-zone in Libya is a declaration of war on Africa” stressed Baba Hekimah Kanyama, while shaping the 5-point-action plan in response to the invasion of Africa by the United States, European Union and members of the Arab League. The emergency meeting with Pan African and African centric leaders in Atlanta was chaired by Baba Mukasa ‘Willie Ricks’ Dada and called for an “immediate cessation of military assault” on Libya by air, land and sea as o

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"We must be prudent. We know what our political line is: We don't
support invasions, or massacres, or anything like that no matter who
does it. A campaign of lies is being spun together regarding Libya.
The U.S. government is behind the campaign to remove Qadhafi."
-President Hugo Chávez in a speech
to university graduates in Venezuela
March 2, 2011


21 March, 2011.

“UN-NATO Forces of Terrorism massacre civilians in Lib
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Betrayal at 1600:
America's 1st Black President Invades Africa
Over the objection of the African Union, US attacks Libya

By Don DeBar

NEW YORK - In a move reminiscent of Senator Mike Mansfield's observation that "Only a Nixon could go to China," President Barack Obama has begun a military invasion of Africa.

For those unaware, Libya is in Africa.

Ignoring the call of the African Union - the regional organization having jurisdiction which counts every African nation
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Africans! Beware the Saviors of Libya

         At this very moment several Western powers and their Arabs lackeys have started an attack on one of the most progressive minded governments in Africa. We must be clear that the attack on Libya is an attack on Africa. One of the reasons that the French, the United States, and Britain could not get an agreement from the Africans Union to bomb Libya is because the political intelligence of African leaders has grown tremendously since the crises in Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia, and Egypt.

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At the onset of America’s invasion of Afghanistan, former US vice President Dick Cheney was quoted as saying the Third World War has already began. Many at that time felt it was the usual American political talk but events subsequently have proved that the US agenda is to remove any national leader who is not ready to handover his natural resources to the Americans.

A cursory look at the list of countries that have either been invaded or puppets placed in power to do the American will is getting

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NATO and No-Fly-Zone ~

I can’t believe it. The Arab Union is asking NATO to impose a no-fly-zone to prevent Kadaffi from putting down  the armed rebellion against him. Where was such a request to impose a no-fly-zone on Israel when it was bombing innocent people in schools and hospitals in Gaza? How about a no-fly-zone over Afghanistan and Pakistan to prevent drones from killing innocent civilians?

Besides, what is NATO and what authority do they have? NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisati

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The Image of Racism in Libyan Uprising

March 8, 2011The Image of Racism in Libyan UprisingBy Kwasi Seitu, Institute for Tsunamic Justicewww.itj-pdn.yolasite.comWash, D.C. - The image of the handsome young boy being in the clutches of a bunch of armed racist, with a gun up against the back of his head, while an apparent Alpha racist questions and threatens him, you can see it in the child’s eye, in his stare. I am not talking about some little black boy caught in the clutches of the Ku Klux Klan, but a little black boy in the hands of
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