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Another One Bites The Dust

“As doubts arise about the government/media narrative, it is becoming all too clear that Ivins' suicide – likely brought about by the unrelenting pressure brought to bear on him over many months of constant harassment by the FBI, rather than actual guilt – is the occasion for the institutional whitewashing of the FBI's almost unbelievable incompetence, which seems more like a cover-up as events unfold. We are being treated to media reports burbling about how the suicide of Ivins means that the victims of the anthrax attack and their families will finally have "closure" – but what's all too clear is that it's the FBI seeking closure of a case that exposes its shameful (and, perhaps, criminal) conduct.” The Patsy, Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer? Justine Raimando

The corporate mind control apparatus is abuzz over the recent “suicide” of suspected anthrax researcher Bruce E. Ivins the man the FBI was investigating in connection with the anthrax shipped to journalists and US Senators seven years ago. The anthrax killed several postal workers during the hectic days following 9-11. Ivins worked at the infamous Ft Detrick biological warfare research laboratory in Maryland. When the anthrax was sent to select media and US senators (no one at Fox Cable News and no Republicans received letters laced with the particular strain of anthrax that was manufactured at Ft Detrick.) it sent the fear and anxiety levels through the roof. The Bu$hites and the corporate media used the incident to ratchet up the hysteria following 9-11. They used it to scare Congress into rushing to pass the PATRIOT ACT. Most lawmakers will admit they never took the time to even read the bill. They just went along and voted for it like mindless automatons. They were victims of psychological warfare and a government coercive psy-op. The Bu$hites took full advantage of the situation and used it as psychological hammer to bludgeon simple minded AmeriKKKans into believing we were under an ongoing attack from fanatical Islamic terrorists. This allowed them to escalate their agenda for a total domestic police/spy state and prepare to launch a series of imperialistic invasions wars and occupations that will drag on into the foreseeable future.

It was subsequently revealed in the corporate media Bu$h administration White House staffers were taking Cipro an antibiotic that just happens to be the anecdote for the specific strain of anthrax that was sent in the mail to Brokaw and Dashel a full month before it was discovered or received by Tom Brokaw of NBC , and US Senator Tom Dashel !? The FBI supposedly was investigating Ivins as the primary suspect when he committed suicide. Something is fishy about that. I was always skeptical about the legitimacy of the anthrax story once I found out about the Cipro. Why was it only sent to Democrats? Why was it sent to NBC and not all the rest? The FBI originally was investigating another scientist who proclaimed his innocents, suspected he was being set up and framed and subsequently sued them and won a multi-million dollar settlement. So the FBI’s hands are not clean in this at all.

The anthrax scare was part and parcel of a fear mongering campaign to make AmeriKKKans panic and turn to the government for protection; the same government that had totally failed to protect us on 9-11. Keep in mind, not one general, Joint Chief of Staff member, FAA, FBI or CIA honcho was fired or disciplined in the greatest “intelligence and military failure” since Pearl Harbor! In fact they all received promotions, medals and media induced adoration!? The scare was also cunningly used by the Bu$hites to prime the pumps for their campaign of never ending wars we are experiencing now.

When I try to explain to folks 9-11 was an inside job and certain members of the Bu$h administration were directly involved in it; they ask how could all the people involved in such a complex and elaborate operation keep the secret? My answer, easy, they were amply rewarded and the few who didn’t go along were punished by being threatened, discredited and ruined. They also made sure anyone who dared question or challenge the government’s official lie was pounced on and devoured by the corporate media. For example former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was vilified and demonized for merely questioning whether Bu$h had been forewarned about 9-11? We all know how that turned out. We learned later, after the media jumped on her with all four feet and painted her as some kind of nut, that George W Bu$h was indeed forewarned about 9-11. To make matters worse we learned he was warned in enough time to do something to prevent it, but didn’t!! Not only was Bu$h warned personally, the US CIA and US intelligence communities were warned repeatedly. Read They Tried to Warn Us: Foreign Intelligence Warnings Before 9/11 By Paul Thompson at to see just how we’ve been lied to about 9-11.

Just like with the John F. Kennedy assassination and the trail of dead bodies former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison uncovered during his investigation into the cover up of that murder, we are seeing the bodies that have direct and indirect connections to 9-11 start to pile up. The Ivins suicide is just one of several. Last May Deborah Jeane Palfrey better known as the DC Madame supposedly killed herself while at her mothers home in Florida. Many of Palfrey’s clients were top politicians from both sides of the aisle, prominent lobbyists, corporatist reps, defense contractors, bagmen and wanna bees. Remember she had threatened to reveal her clients and indeed several names were posted on the Internet. Palfrey was such a key player in the Washington sin and extortion culture the court put a gag order on her!!!

Two years ago CIA Director Porter Goss abruptly resigned to avoid being named in a scandal which would have implicated him directly in the Hookergate prostitute ring at the Watergate in Washington DC that would have linked the former Florida Congressman and CIA operative to an airplane hanger near where one of the 9-11 “highjackers” supposedly trained to learn how to fly. Read the post at to connect the dots for yourself.

Maybe Ivins and Palfrey actually did commit suicide, but then again maybe they didn’t? At any rate with Ivins gone, the FBI can now claim closure on an complex and ugly incident that serves as another glaring example of their ineptitude around 9-11. ( A former FBI agent is claiming the Bu$h administration put pressure on the FBI to say Al Qaeda did it). With Ivins and Palfrey dead a lot of potentially career wrecking secrets will be interred with them. A lot of crooked politicians, lobbyists, bagmen and conspirators will breathe a little easier and live to play another day. But, it’s only a mater of time before another clue needed to solve the 9-11 conspiracy/cover up is revealed.


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