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Junious Ricardo Stanton
More Things That Make You Go Hmmm?

On Tuesday evening, July 29, 2008, House Resolution 194 was passed by voice vote. This bill represents the first time the federal government has apologized for slavery or segregation.The bill was first introduced in Congress by Congressman Steve Cohen (D) of Tennessee on February 22, 2007.”

You would think with all the subtle and overt pandering to the race issue in the current presidential campaign that the news media would be more vocal and vociferous in its reporting of a voice vote by the US House of representatives this past Tuesday to officially apologize for slavery and legally sanctioned apartheid in AmeriKKKa! Imagine that, at a time when a mulatto half white/black man is a serious candidate for the president of the United States the US Congress actually for the first time apologizes for the heinous crimes this country has committed against African people since 1660 and it goes virtually unreported or is viewed with skepticism. This was such a non issue I had trouble finding a search engine that had enough information to even write a commentary on it. Hmmm?

Recently I switched from Goggle to Cuil a new search engine developed by several former Goggle engineers and employees. Cuil touts itself and a more effective and extensive vehicle than Goggle. Guess what? I finally had to go back to Goggle just to get information about the Congressional resolution introduced by Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen apologizing for slavery and the subsequent voice vote to pass the measure. I tried the Cuil, Yahoo and Ask search engines, phrasing and rephrasing the topic to get information yet none of them carried the latest news on this monumental initiative. Why is that? How is it that these popular search engines failed to include this? Is this a not so subtle way of suppressing this issue at a time when the corporate mind control apparatus (which to a great degree includes the Internet) wants to set the psychological and informational agenda and remain the gatekeepers for what is important timely and relevant? Things that make you go hmmm?

* * *

Is it just my imagination or my cynical view of the corporate media or are they promoting and foisting nonsensical issues on us while the really critical topics and issues go uncovered? For example we see the cable news channels discussing whether the Obama or McCain campaigns are injecting race into their presidential campaign yet they totally ignored the historic apology for slavery and Jim Crow by the US Congress this week?! Not only do they ignore that story, they didn’t even chide and challenge the US Senate for not even addressing this issue. Hmmm?

The House and Senate recently passed a so called housing mortgage package and it was signed by the supreme duffus in the White House in a private signing “ceremony”. The mind control apparatus says the bill will help US homeowners facing default and foreclosure. Why has no talking head on the networks or cable news channels told the truth about this bill; that it is a glaring example of corporate welfare a bailout of Wall Street and the banks, not struggling homeowners. “While attention has focused on Fannie and Freddie, the depth of the US housing and financial crisis has been underscored by the collapse of IndyMac Bank in California. The Pasadena-based mortgage lender, which had $32 billion in assets, was seized by federal regulators on Friday following an 11-day $1.3 billion run on its funds. IndyMac, which specialized in Alt-A loans to borrowers who did not fully document their assets or their income, ranked as the ninth largest US mortgage lender by volume. The collapse of the bank—the third largest failure in US banking history after the demise of Continental Illinois in 1984 and the American Saving and Loan Association of Stockton in 1988—is expected to cost the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation between $4 billion and $8 billion. This is a sizeable chunk of its $53 billion deposit insurance fund, which is expected to be called on again as more banks go under.” US government bails out mortgage giants By Nick Beams 14 July 2008

Speaking of bank failures another bank was seized by the FDIC yesterday. A small Florida bank First Priority Bank was taken over by the FDIC. This is just the beginning as more and more banks will fail in the next few months. The FDIC will be overwhelmed by the drain and its chairman Sheila C Bair is trying to intimidate bloggers like me who are telling the truth about the US economic situation. Quiet as its kept, the FDIC only has about fifty-eight billion in its account the IndyMac collapse will take eight billion of that, as more and more banks fail the fund will be eaten up. Which means if we have several large bank failure the fund could be easily depleted and the FDIC safety net almost totally wiped out. Wonder why you don’t hear about this on the nightly news? Hmmm

* * *
Lastly with the sinking economy being called the most pressing problem facing the nation at this time; why are McCain and Obama avoiding mentioning how they will address the critical issues of the rapidly unraveling banking system, the mortgage meltdown, the fraud associated with it or the governmental deregulation that helped cause much of the distress and disaster we are now experiencing? After eight years of a duufus like Bu$h and his cronies in charge you would think the AmeriKKKan people would demand more of their government than the childish pablum Obama and McCain are offering us? Is this nay way to run a campaign or a country? It is if you want to keep the people dummied down, distracted and impotent.


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