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“Israel's lobby in the U.S. has been calling for confrontation with Iran ever since "Mission Accomplished." AIPAC, the powerhouse lobby for the Jewish state, has made the Iranian "threat" the centerpiece of its legislative and "educational" agenda. The Lobby's neoconservative allies have been clamoring for a fresh conflict, using their key positions as columnists, publicists, think-tank gurus, and television talking heads to beat the drums for war. And those neocons still in positions of power in the government, centered in the office of the vice president, have been making the case inside the administration, with some success.” The Silenced Majority No one wants another war – so why does it seem inevitable? by Justin Raimondo

I watched CNN last night as they kept replaying Barack Obama’s interview with Wolf Blitzer. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “here we go again, Obama is being set up by CNN again.” Keep in mind it was CNN that broadcast Rev. Jeremiah Wrights whole speech at the Detroit NAACP which was later augmented by C-Span’s broadcast (and CNN’s replay) of Wright’s National Press Club speech the following day which allowed the corporate mind control apparatus to keep the Wright “controversy” alive and in the forefront of our consciousness. Last night CNN was focusing on Obama’s response to a comment John McCain made about Obama’s supposed support from Hamas the militant Palestinian organization. McCain’s camp was ‘upset” to hear CNN tell it, about a veiled dig at McCain’s age by Obama in his response to McCain’s comments . This is another contrived controversy created by the corporate media. It’s goal is to keep Obama on the defensive using the backdrop of events in Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and Iraq to trap him, trip him up and ultimately force him bow down to the Zionist elites and embrace their agenda in the region. Events unfolding in the region will set the stage for another fiery crucible to challenge Obama’s mettle and his integrity. But first they must make Obama prostrate himself publicly, pledge his fealty to Israel and pander to the Israeli lobby. In the unlikely event Obama fails to do so, the corporate media will turn on him, unleash its propaganda hounds and paint him as totally unprepared and “unelectable” like they did Michael Dukakis in 1988.
It’s no secret Israel is still smarting from the thumping they took from Hizbollah when they invaded Lebanon in 2006. The myth of Israeli invincibility was totally shattered as the disciplined grass roots militia flummoxed the professional Israeli military and made them look like amateurs. So now the US backed puppet government in Lebanon is making waves threatening Hizbollah. Of course Hizbollah is not going to back down nor give up their telecommunications network which for them is the lifeline that helps prevent another Israeli invasion. This way Israel doesn’t have to risk another confrontation and loss in Lebanon. If Hizbollah is targeted by the Lebanese government, attacked and criminalized so much the better. It severely weakens of eliminates one more enemy of Israel.
McCain challenged Obama on Hamas but what the Zionist controlled corporate media in the US fails to point out is, Hamas is the legally elected government entity in Palestine! The Palestinians chose Hams, a self-styled militant Pro-Palestinian organization to represent them. The Palestinians want respect and to be treated fairly, something the imperialist Israelis are loath to do. So the Palestinians turned to the people they thought would stand up to Israeli aggression. Hamas is a force to be reckoned with in the region. Why not talk to Hamas? Why must the US always take the side of the Israelis who are the aggressors in the region?
Ever notice how the media demonises anyone who dares to speak out about the lopsidedness of US foreign policy in the region or takes the side of the Palestinians? Look at what the media did to Jimmy Carter recently or how they tried to trivialize Bishop Desmond Tutu’s observations and comments that the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is very similar to how the European invader/settlers treated the indigenous Africans under apartheid.
In the midst of all this CNN and ultimately the corporate media will keep pressuring and hammering Obama until he capitulates on Hamas, Hizbollah, Iraq and Iran just like they made him do in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright set up. The pro-black Wright issue was the media litmus test for Obama. The next one will be Israel. Obama will be forced to come out strong in support of Israel in order to circumvent the establishment pawns like Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain’s claims he is “unknown, unpredictable and untested”. What they mean by that is, Obama hasn’t completely sold out to toe the Zionist line like they have. But if he is to get the nomination and ultimately the presidency he will!
In the meantime the Israeli lobby is pressing their case for a strike against Iran even as they beat the drums for conflict in Syria and prepare for another assault (this time by proxy) on Lebanon. This is all part of their overarching plan to subdue the region with the help of their AmeriKKKan lackeys. “It is impossible that Israeli governments remained unaware that their efforts in the West Bank and Gaza would impoverish the Palestinian people. It is inexcusable that once noting the obvious results of these efforts that a government would not amend its direction in order to prevent a total breakdown of a people’s life. It is inconceivable that a government would defy world institution laws and the appeal for a change in course in order to remedy the disastrous consequences inflicted upon the Palestinians. It is obvious that Israel’s polices have prepared the complete destruction of the Palestinian people. Is this agenda part of a larger agenda that intends to reshape the Middle East regardless of the destruction committed against Arab people? The last sixty years have witnessed several wars in which Israel has expanded from the original partition plan to control of all Mandatory Palestine. The Golan has been seized from Syria and its territory cleared of almost all Syrian inhabitants and their previous villages. Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt during wars in 1956 and 1967 and was forced to relinquish its occupation. In several wars, Israel occupied Lebanon until the Litani River and was responsible for mass displacement of Lebanese civilians, almost 1 million in the 2006 war.” The Harsh Reality of the Middle East Conflict by Dan Lieberman / May 3rd, 2008
Of course the corporate media invariably sides with Israel and toes the Israeli line making the criminals the victims and the victims the criminals. Look for the corporate media to hammer Obama about his loyalty to Israel and its’ right to “exist” despite the fact Israel is the only country aggressively capturing land in the region! This will be a key element in the media’s treatment of Obama; not the economy, not taxes but the Zionist agenda. Wall Street is already in his camp and he’s in theirs’ so the economy is really not an issue. The media scrutiny of Obama about Israel will get more intense as the situations in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Iran play out in the very near future. This may be the “October surprise” the Clintons, McCain and their warmongering supporters need to pull this thing out.


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