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What I learned from the roach

The roach is unstoppable.
The roach is indomitable.

The roach is not mired in the past.
The roach in never complaining and seeking redress.
The roach just goes about its business creating a the next generation of super roaches while I kill myself trying to annihilate it.

If I take care of my business - keep a clean environment - the roach will leave me alone and respect my space. The roach is respectful - it respect me when I respect myself

The roach will inherit my earth.

I have discovered that microwaves does not cook roaches.

There are a few things here Africans can learn from the roach.

What do you learn from the roach?

by KWASI Akyeampong

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Comment by Enoch Mubarak on July 27, 2012 at 9:01pm

Here is how the lion is beyond " fanciful" .......

Comment by KWASI Akyeampong on August 31, 2011 at 12:23pm

Thank you Agnes. Get that we are really not talking about roaches. Bu then how far does your clean space extends to? Are you responsible for and accountable for your neighbors? And, roaches, like all divine inheritance of life will always be here. If you and I respect our selves and all our environment, then roaches, will respect our space. Try it. And I am not talking about roaches. So it is, really, about all our endevours and enterprises. Try putting self first and seen self not in you but in other and everything and everyone around.

Comment by Baba Bob Shipman on June 21, 2008 at 7:22am
OMG, just what I needed to wake up to on this Saturday morn 6/21/08. Time to rededicate myself to the causes that make up my life's fire.
* Self Determination
*Economic Development
*Healthy lifestyle & Actions
*Listening to more positive works
*Recognizing Potential men tees
*Spirituality work
This list is not in any particular order, nor is it complete. Today I needed to think, write and say these passage for me to me and to invite others to engage. The parable about the roach is a inspiration, the mouse has many of the same traits, but I don't think the mouse will survive the micro wave.

Comment by KWASI Akyeampong on June 10, 2008 at 12:09pm
Posted by: Black Lion
On: 07-06-08 05:41 PM

Black Lion:

Roaches don't survive in microwaves...


Wow, did you put a roach in the microwave oven?

Black Lion:

kind of resent being compared to one


Your resent-ment makes no difference.
This allegory was not about "Black Lion" until you made it about you.
Black Lion, you'd rather that I talk about something as fanciful as a lion. Black Lion?
The conclusion would be the same.
Now, that I have a Black lion's attention let's look at another winning characteristic of the roach. It does not resent my attempts to exterminate it. It's not personal. I do what I do and the roach does what it must do: turn out the next generation of super roach.
So what are you doing?
If who you is not one whose every waking hour is not given to freedom for Africa your resent is like spitting in the wind...

Black Lion:

thinking about it, I mean, they're not human are they?


Is a lion human?
Black Lion?
Oh, beware, lions are an endangered or protected species.
Long live the roach.

Black Lion:

Hardly need to teach roach children about their past and the importance in upholding their culture in case other roaches attack them and attempt to steal it from them...


I don't know how roaches do it, but, roach children grow up to be exemplary roaches.
The certainly don't sit around belly-.aching that someone stole their history. They are where they are when they are where they are - inheriting the earth.

History is overrated.
History is nothing, if one does not make something of it.
History is a signpost by which we are directed into the true course of life.
Here we are at the signpost, now, choose a course that will honor and fulfill the aspiration of our ancestors.
So honor your mother and your father (ANCESTORS) that your days may be long upon the land.... and the roach does not go around being anything but a roach. Its day will be long after we are blotted out of history.
History is open source and not proprietary.
It belongs not no man. History is the history of humans being human.
Just as you are inspired by the attributes of the lion any man is able to benefit from the history of any other man.
It makes no difference that one is an originator. What matters are the lessons learned and the difference being manifested now.

Black Lion:

all they have to do is infest K.F.C outlets and breed,


A likely complaint. Roach don't complain.
Substitute roach for white man OR a colonizer.
KFC for Africa. This where we are now.
This is Africa.
How does one rid oneself of a roach infestation?
Take a lesson from that and be free – right now.

Black Lion:

we're not animals dude.


Who are we, Black lion?

There are thing to be learned from the lowly roach.
There are lessons to be learned from the prideful lion.
History presents us with option that lies in the realm of possibility for all men.
Now that one has acquired all the knowledge of the universe, what now?

This is the end of my fable.

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