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Junious Ricardo Stanton
Flipping The Script

“If we look at the history of the European imperialists we see their psychology. As I have said on numerous occasions, the psychology of the rulers of this world, the psychology of eurocentrically oriented people is not in the psychology books but in the history books; and one merely needs to read their history to get at their psychology. And that history of course is not written be me, not written by Black scholars,. It is not written by us ‘prejudiced nationalists’. It is written of course by the imperialists themselves, and therefore is a form of self-indictment, and it is there for all to see. It is an admission in and of itself of the insane nature of the people who are in the control of the world today.” Amos N Wilson The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy page 72.

El Hajj Malik El Shabaaz (Malcolm X) warned us many years ago about the cunning deviousness of the Europeans who in order to maintain their oppressive death grip on our lives will make those of us who languish under the weight of their oppression the criminals, and portray themselves as the righteous victims. The flap about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Obama candidacy is a classic example of this ploy. In order to castrate Obama who the ruling oligarchy isn’t completely certain will mindlessly toe their imperialist New World Order line, they employed the media to tar and feather Obama vicariously by linking him to Jeremiah Wright a “pro Black, Afrocentric” clergyman. They wanted to play the race card, keep the controversy brewing and they knew Wright would jump at a chance to “vindicate” himself on a supposedly objective forum program. They shrewdly set him up to be interviewed by Bill Moyers. The program was aired Friday evening. Moyers’ job was to get Wright to say something provocative so they could use it to hang him and by extension Obama. But Moyers was too fair and too intellectual. He did try to get Wright by bringing up the term “liberation theology”. Wright explained its origin in its’ Latin American context and he also explained the term “black liberation theology” as it applied to the US. But the jackals in the media let that slide opting for something more controversial and more graphic. CNN pretending they wanted to give him a fair and complete look aired Wright’s NAACP speech in Detroit on Sunday in its entirety. But he didn’t provide much ammunition on that occasion. It wasn’t until he went to the National Press Club and his speech was aired live on C-Span Monday and subsequently played over and over during the day that the ambush was complete. They caught Wright in full stride in a venue where he had black support (call and response) as he reacted to questions posed by an adversarial white press. Wright probably thought this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate he was not a punk and was not going to back down from his detractors. He couched is remarks as a defense of the Black Church not himself. But his antics were aired for all to see and the media as they always do, flipped the script. They cunningly made Wright the villain and to add insult to injury played additional sound bytes that made him look like a buffoon. Mission accomplished!

This put the onus on Obama. Obama was forced to react and distance himself from Wright lest the media spin masters paint him as an anti-AmeriKKKan kook too. Meanwhile the Clintons laid in the cut and watched as the media chipped further away at Obama’s non-threatening Negro image. Now Obama is forced to really cheese, shuffle and buck dance to keep his candidacy alive. This was all preplanned and orchestrated. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If he manages to survive this, they will do it again. Only next time they will really put Obama on the defensive about his stance concerning Israel. That will be the death blow, unless he totally compromises himself, bows down, prostrates and prostitutes himself to the Zionist cabal. The questions now are: how badly does Obama want this, what is he willing to do to stay in the race, how low will he debase himself, how much more will he sell of his soul to accomplish his goals?

This is not about Jeremiah Wright, it is about Barack Obama. Rev. Jeremiah Wright is no serious threat to the Empire. His so called Afrocentric theology is suspect because Trinity United Church of Christ is in an all white denomination! Plus we must remember, historically the ancient Hebrews may have had some melanin but they were a mixed brood whose phenotype and culture had been infected by the Caucasoid invaders into Mesopotamia (Chaldea) thousands of years before “Abram” allegedly left there to wander into Africa. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were nomads, not the sedentary, highly cultured people of Africa (Kmt, Cush, Nubia, Ethiopia or Canaan). If Wright is so Afrocentric why aren’t his liturgy and rituals like the Coptic Church or a new wave African style of ceremony? If Wright is preaching a liberation theology, it is certainly not like the theology of Nobel Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad or Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Rev. Albert Cleage) all of whom borrowed heavily from Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Wright was not preaching Black self-sufficiency, acquiring land, skills and building a coherent common interdependent social network like they did. Nor does he suggest Europeans as a whole are devils or mutants. Nevertheless Wright is being demonized and vilified in the corporate media who are doing the dirty work of their masters who happen to be the most bloodthirsty warmongers on the planet.

Don’t go for the okey-doke. This is not about Jeremiah Wright. It is a vicious media psy-op on Barack Obama and Black people. Remember during slavery whites said we had a disease they called Dysaethesia Aethiopia because the field folks actively resisted and refused to work ourselves to death like beasts of burden for the white man. The ruling elites know Black folks opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. They know most older Black folks don’t trust the government and rightly so. They know a lot of us suspect 9-11 was an inside job or at the very least the US government allowed it to happen. They must castrate us and turn us into gutless, go along Negroes for their New World Order agenda. Just like Obama must do if he is to become the Democratic nominee. They don’t have that problem with Hillary Rodham Clinton or John McCain. Both of them are totally down with the NWO program. To accomplish our castration and surrender, they are doing what they’ve always done, making the victim (us) criminals and the criminals (themselves) the victim.


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