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by M. Sifika wa Nkomo

This is the 21st century that needs an UNCOMPROMISING CLASS analysis in our communities, organizations and leadership interests be it in electoral politics and non-electoral radical organizational alliances.

Electoral politics especially in the United States and South Africa must be used to politically educate African and non-African peoples primary (strategic) and secondary (tactical) political differences of the overall long-term IDEOLOGY of IMPERIALISM (national security) and short term BREAD & BUTTER politics around community welfare, job security, quality education and health care etc.

For example since the political assassinations of JFK, Malcolm, MLK, JFK etc, the last 45 years has a programmatic and conscious ideological efforts and political rhetoric to BREAK THE LIBERAL “SOCIAL CONTRACT” role of the STATE so that it must serve those who OWN and BENEFIT PRIVATE PROPERTY and LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II have made that a SUCCESS IT IS TODAY!

Kwame Ture, H. Rap Brown, Huey P. Newton, Walter Rodney, Thomas Sankara etc and many others alive today knew just like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdoch, Henry Paulson new as early as 1972 what Imperialism and its domestic and foreign agendas was and is still about!

Those who followed Mayor Stokes, Justice Thurgood Marshall into the Supreme Court and Benjamin Hooks in Federal Government professional jobs are no different to those in top judicial, government and legislative in South Africa, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria etc.

We live in more than 192 global bantustan controlled by the World Economic Forum created and based in Basle since 1973! This was a year or so after the US broke from the GLOD STANDARD, preparing for "GLOBAL FINANCIAL SPECUALATIONS" and "DERIVATIVES".

In the same 1970's the IMF/World Bank introduced "Economic Structural Adjustment Programs" to undermine the "SOCIAL CONTRACT" in post colonial Africa and promote a culture of KLEPTOMANIA in all African countries so that they can sabotage themselves like Zimbabwe has done since 1983.

The ZANU-PF should never have accepted CONDITIONALITIES of loans from IMF and World Bank because they knew how DISHONEST and DECEPTIVE the United States and

the United Kingdom ruling classes have been and are still to Africans-at home and abroad and even to so called" white hardworking class" as we see today!

I remember the ZANU-PF and Robert Mugabe in 1983 being falsely and ingeniously praised by the western and South African corporate media that " ..Mugabe has learnt from his 'comrade' and fellow President of Mozambique (Samora Machel) about the failures of Marxist-Leninism" and he is taking a pro-western development path".

As a political strategy to preserve national stability in Zimbabwe there was nothing wrong with selectively work with western imperialism because they had destabilized and destroyed Angola and Mozambique political economy's infrastructure!

But the problem was, unlike in Cuba, the Zimbabwe nationalist subjected the PEOPLES WILL, ZANU-PF, to class interests the GOVERNMENT run by comprador bourgeoisie!

Instead of ZANU-PF calling the shots as a PARTY to make the government accountable to it, ZANU-PF government started acting like a British Labor Party government answerable to global corporate interests who are LIARS!

This is not a personal attack on Robert Mugabe's illustrious individual history of personal and family sacrifice but SUBJECT CLASS INTERESTS OF THE PARTY LEADERSHIP, in the same manner the legacy of Malcolm X and MLK Jr are beign used by corporate charlatans to enrich themselves, cronies and families and similar situation prevails in South Africa.

We need to look at the Cuba as the best example where the PEOPLE ARE GOVERNING though a PARTY that makes GOVERNMENT accountable!

In South Africa the difference is that the Jacob Zuma-faction has used the same principle but for REACTIONARY NEO-COLONIAL & COMPRADOR bourgeois interests as they is NO CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT POLICIES, what THABO MBEKI was doing JACOB ZUMA WILL DO!


In the USA or any other country including the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa, for example changes has always been bottom up!

What IDEOLOGICAL role are we playing in terms CLASS politics beyond Mugabe, Mbeki and Obama electors politics as Pan-Africanist, because religion and race politics have been exhausted and ONLY BENEFIT reactionaries and liberal reformist into office!

The primary question of the 21st century is CLASS-be it Zimbabwe, United States, South Africa, Haiti, Ghana, Jamaica etc.

Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo
eMzantsi-Afrika-Borwa Connections
2621 Centre Avenue, Suite 216
Pittsburgh,PA 15219


by I. Langalibalele

Black theologians, reactionary "Garveyites" and opportunist Pan Africanists are all uniting to assault the revolutionary theory of Pan Africanism (aka African Internationalism) which calls for a unified African state under scientific socialism. For this reason I have begun scouring the blogosphere not only for accurate analyses of the Nkrumahist version of Pan Africanism, but also for a class conscious critique of neo-colonialism.

Stuff which was ideologically defeated in the Sixties and Seventies has made a comeback. Whereas the Garveyite trend merged with the Caribbean maroon culture to come up with a revolutionary class theory (Black Stalin, Mutubaruka, Lord Invader, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Mike Dred, Hugh Mandel, Walter Rodney, etc.). But US Garveyites fail to recognize this superior analysis and remain stuck in Garvey's 1940s Philosophy and Opinions because they can keep their little club mentality alive rather than liberate the world African proletariat (working class).

Garvey was no crackpot, and he had a class analysis. However, these guys today would never follow Garvey. They dont kno anything about Sobukwe, Biko, Mapetla, FRELIMO, ZANU, Nkrumah, Fanon, Cabral, Castro, Mao, Rodney, Galeano, Huey P, George Jackson, Yeshitela, Nyerere. They are kno-nothings but they have attacked the Black Liberation Movement and its revolutionary class analysis.

I see how they cite Mugabe when it is convenient. However, Mugabe cites Nkrumah. He discusses Nkrumah's theory of neo-colonialism. Yet NEO-COLONIALISM is only the dilution of the racist class struggle. RACISM IS THE CONCENTRATED CLASS STRUGGLE. The class struggle is concentrated within racial politics. That is the simplest and clearest explanation of racism, within the class context. While I am the first one to use that definition, it is only because of the work of our predecessors that I have been able to extend their theory and sharpen our understanding of "race" and class.

It is because of this deepened understanding that the forces of reaction have become more active. They kno Imperialism is in a crisis and it is vulnerable. They kno that a sharpened class analysis will strike the blow against neo-colonialism, which to this point we have not been able to undermine. In defeating neo-colonialism we will downthro Imperialism.

Lots of folks dont want Imperialism to end because they don't kno what to expect when it falls, or else they are reaping rewards for being its defenders. People like the Amexem Moors, Chief Elders and Grand Poobahs, preachers, ministers and other clergy who distort Garveyism, Pan Africanism and other crucial areas of our historical struggle. We must work on international African unity, and purge all contending lines.



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Comment by Mongezi Nkomo on October 24, 2008 at 8:34pm
In in CLASS analysis, I do not undermine our culrural and social organizational heritage of Ujamaa in kiSwahili, or iLima in isiXhosa or Letsemas in Tswana. That is Commumal Cooperative Working Collectives, where a temporary leader is the first among the equals.

So I also respect the individual and family and community contributions of spiritual and warrior and political activists and organizers who led us from ancient Khemet untill today in the era of Global Nel-Liberalism.

I am not aginst professional leaders in religion nor professional politicinas because everyone has to pay BILLA. But we should not glorify a personality cult surround by material glittery empires while African peoples are used as a laughing stock by racist and white supremacist that our leadership hob nob with at home and the Diaspora!

We need individuals who like Mimia Abu-Jamal, Kwame Ture, Steve Biko, Thoma Sankara, Walter Rodney etc who would never sacrifice Pan-Afrinist instutional ethics, Black Consciousness moral values and Black Power social and economic morality, while negotiating for our seat at theGLOBAL TABLE OF EGALITARIANISM!

We need more Pan-Africanist, Black Consciousness and Black Power advocators contextualizing the World Social Forum, African Social Forum and The United States forum just like Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King, Malcol X, Mangaliso Robert Sobukhwe, Steve Biko and Kwame Ture, among others valued their involvement in the founding and later particiaption Non-Align Movement (NAM).

Hence Dr King's " An injury to one is an injury to all". How many of us talk and write about the brotherly and conradely bond of Kwame Nkrumah and Martin Luther King that was enrich in their personal and Pan-Africanist encounter iat Ghana's Indeoendece in 1957 that pissed offf US President Dwight Eisenhower!

Malcolm X challenged OAU in 1963 that Free Africa is irrelevant as long as "brothers Nelson Mandela and Robert Sobukhwe are still in jail"

All African leaders of STATURE led our people and were also examplary to non Africans and and other nonBlack people!

It was and is stil is no surprise us Arabs, Asians, Europeans etc followed to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and many have high respects to leaders like Rev Jesse Jackson, Minister Farakhan and Archbishop Tuti!

We need to rise above provincial tribalism and parochial religiosity and accept all faiths and challenge cultural and male chauvisnism inside and outside our comunities when we built our own cultural INSTITUTIONS as well as inclusive business, economic and political organizations in terms of thejust law of each country we live in!

Class exploiters are good at observing laws, even if they are against them.

Empowerment is neither INTERGRATIVE or SEPARATIVE! When you have power on behalf and with your people as part of ONEHUMAN RACE, there is no either or if! YOU HAVE PEOPLES POWER!

Our quest is aFOR A TRUE HUMANITY, FACTS and not FICTION must be the basis of our LIBERATION!

Comment by Mickel Hendrix aka Nat Turner on October 24, 2008 at 2:29pm

after much consideration, observation and last but not least participation, i've drawn the conclusion that the concept of black leadership has been false from the beginning of the twentieth century. it was what dubois was talking about when he spoke of the talented tenth, which is now known as the boule, which was founded by a group of college-educated negroes in 1904. they based their structure on the skull & bones of yale university.

these were the same negroes who helped the united snakes government take down and assassinate the character of marcus garvey, because these same negroes had a vested interest in gatekeeping the afrikan masses of amerikkka-the creation of an elite black class that would epitomize the black amerikkkan. dubois had said that the boule should forever remain a secret group, that they could operate under cover, in service of their masters, who would allow them access to material luxury.

their pathetic and false concept of black leadership, in the face of white terrorism in all its various forms has left the afrikan masses in amerikkka in a passive and punkified position, stuck on fancy slogans, negro spirituals, the jesus freak mentality and voting as our way out of the damn near five hundred year quagmire of white supremacy. this is why their hasn't been the type of revolutionary mentality that should permeate the mind of the afrikan collective consciousness, instead of waiting for change to come, as though it's going to leap down from some cloud in the sky.

so, in order for their to be some practical revolutionary philosophy oozing forth from the afrikan collective, we're going to have to clean house, beginning with the black classcism/bourgeois negroidism gatekeeping intelligentsia. a call for mau mau action must be necessary within the afrikan diaspora. a black man with a mind whiter than the whitest white man is just as dangerous as white supremacy.

malcolm x use to speak of the boule negroes when he used the expression the big six, who cut a deal with our enemy, which led to the black middle class, which serves as a buffer against afrikan nationalism. therefore, as malcolm x also said, there were two types of revolutions going on within the black community: the negro revolution and the black revolution. and so far, the negro revolution has been winning, which means that the black masses of amerikkka will continue to be nothing but social, economic and political slaves, on one end, while on the other victims of the various forms of warfare-such as chemical warfare, biological warfare, historial warfare and religious warfare.

out fight ain't for token integrationism and a piece of the capitalistic pie. our fight is a struggle for sovereignty, nationhood, self-determination, which won't come without a price, and that price is bloodshed. the white imperialist established his empire by force, which means the only language that he'll understand is the language that he speaks.


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