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Bank the Bankers

Bank the bankers

Fleeing Russia with pants in hand

Fleeing Wall Street cross Brooklyn Bridge

The fundamentals are sound said Bush/McCain

Then Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bit the dust

Bank the bankers

Those communist in capitalist drag

Sharing the robbery of workers

Homeless in the snow

Bankers ski in the Alps

Gleaming Wall Street Journal

Sliding down the slope

Champagne on ice

Bank the bankers

Bear Sterns

Washington Mutual

Bank of America

Thieves in the night

Who is Federal Reserve?

To workers in the cold

Who is the Treasury?

To grandma’s house gone

She in shelter bout to stroke

Don’t understand the sub prime loan

Her son took out

He gone on dope

Like the president

Drunk in white house

Fundamentally sound

Just ride out this crisis

Don’t lose yo cool

He tells American people

Fleeing Katrina and Ike

Hurricane hit Wall Street

Taxpayers took tab

Bank the bankers

Let them taste jail

Eat zoo zoos and wham whams

no end in sight

Let the dollar fly in the air

bankers don’t care

They home by the fire

In the pickle room

don’t care

workers have no homes

No car

No stocks, no bonds, retirement gone

Burial insurance in hand,. thank God

What good is that?

Bank the bankers

Those loose loaning pigs

Even the jobless got loans

Bankers didn’t care

Sell the notes to China, Russia

Saudi Arabia

Sell Citibank and Chase

Sell America to whomever

Give a loan to whomever

No credit check

No collateral

No job

Sell America

Sell yo mama

Bankers don’t care

Greed rules this day

The heartless have their homes

Their summer & winter retreats

Bank the bankers

Let them eat pizza on Riker’s Island

Or Leavenworth.

--Marvin X

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