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Junious Ricardo Stanton
Republican Hypocrisy

I told myself I would not watch the Republican National Convention coverage, but I found myself walking by the room where my wife was watching i,t peeking my head in to see what was going on every now and then. I knew something was amiss when I saw the stunned expression on my wife’s face as she watched the convention. She was astounded at the hypocrisy of the all white GOP conventioneers.

I told her two days ago the Republicans were desperate to find ways to deal with the success of the just completed Democratic Convention, that there was no way the Republicans could top the theatrics and execution of Obama’s speech before seventy-eight thousand people especially given their lackluster candidate John McCain. McCain sensing he had to do something, anything to brunt the afterglow of the Democrats convention made history by selecting Sarah Palin an obscure governor of the state of Alaska as his running mate. That was a bombshell. It took the media by surprise and forced them to focus on McCain’s pick rather than keeping the Democrats in the news cycle. Next the Republicans cunningly used the approaching Hurricane Gustav as the excuse to scale back their convention so as not to have Bu$h and Cheney present to address the attendees. They didn’t want the nation to see Bu$h and Cheney and extrapolate their disastrous terms in office onto McCain. Bu$h and Cheney supposedly were on stand by alert keeping track of hurricane Gustav. Yeah right! First of all the White House gets real time, up to the minute reports from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service and the military on the storm’s progress. They knew the hurricane was not going to be a category four or five. But the Republicans used it to pretend they were concerned about the people in the Gulf so as not to dredge up memories of their criminal response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago. While every major storm has the potential to wreck havoc and cause massive damage, the Bu$hites knew Gustav wasn’t on the same level as Katrina. But they and the corporate mind control apparatus played it up trying to make it more than it was to take the spotlight off of the Democrats, McCain’s senility and his ties to Bu$h.

The storm gave the Republicans time to regroup and prepare as best they could for the blow back from McCain’s pick for his running mate, a women with little or no national exposure and who has a lots of baggage. They kept Palin sequestered away from the media. The Republican spin machine went into overdrive justifying McCain’s judgement for picking her. Somehow all the nasty things they said about Barack Obama not having experience, went out the window with regards to Palin. Her family situation with her pregnant teenaged daughter is pooh poohed and glossed over. When have the Holier Than Thou right wing Christian religious fanatics ever shown compassion towards black women in that situation? As an aside I never could comprehend how these heathens could claim to be “pro-life” yet countenance and support imperialist wars all over the globe.

Not only have these hypocrites glossed over Palin’s family issues, they have co-opted Obama’s message of “change” by calling McCain a “maverick” and a “reformer”. They actually are saying his choice of Palin demonstrates that McCain, the consummate drone and Washington beltway critter, is serious about change and reform. They said it with a straight face which tells you just how demented they are. This is clear proof of the psychotic and delusional state of the Republican party.

Sometimes as a conscious African in AmeriKKKa you become weary of the mental struggle to endure, decode and make sense of the insanity white folks create. The media talking heads do a great job of obfuscating reality and crafting their own narrative and alternative world view which they then foist upon us. The staging of this convention is another one of them. When I watched segments of it last night, I did not see one black or brown face in the crowd, not one. Yet their theme is “Country First”. It is quite clear the Republican Party is the place to be if you are a fascist and a racist. The selection of Plain as his running mate gives the knuckle dragging Neanderthals of AmeriKKKa an excuse to vote Republican, not that they need one. The very thought of John McCain as a serious and credible candidate is an insult. The addition of Palin to the ticket adds injury to the insult!

The implications of this convention are mind boggling. It is truly interesting and informative to watch the corporate media while somewhat skeptical (mainly because they were kept out of the loop and not given a leak or a scoop on McCain’s pick), play right along with the charade. All the fuss and focus on Palin obscures the real issues, issues which during the brief times I watched the campaign, the Republicans never mentioned: the increasing federal debt, the collapsing economy, Bu$h’s moves that have escalated the potential for WWIII, the abysmal record of his administration and the failures of the One Hundred Tenth Congress.

Watching that mess was like being in the Twilight Zone or having a nightmare. It was like being at an event by yourself with a ton of white folks where some really hip music was playing and all the white people are clapping off time and out of sync with the beat trying to convince you that you are the one who is out of step. What little I saw of the convention last night reenforced for me big time, AmeriKKKa is a sick country.


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