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Film, Video And Music Producers Are Getting Paid Online

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As I've been writing about this all year long. Independent film and music producers are getting paid by marketing, and distributing their own projects direct to the Web.

Thanks to the advent of high-quality home video cameras, low-cost video editing software, and the increased adoption of broadband and mobile media players; what used to be considered a dirty word in Hollywood, "Direct-to-Video" has now morphed into a cottage industry called point-to-point online film distribution.

An independent filmmaker or music producer can now create, promote and market their own film or music video, for less then the cost of a used car. Think about it...What can you NOT stream to now days??? Computers, video gaming platforms, mobile media devices, and even cell phones, all play online videos.

Money is being made and paid everyday, on the popularity of online videos. YouTube just announced that it has paid out One Million Dollars to independent video/film producers in the last four months (see much of that did you get???

Revver, the first user generated video site to offer revenue sharing, has paid out over a million dollars to more than 25,000 people who have posted their work to The biggest paycheck — $50,000 for 15 clips — went to two guys from Maine who inserted a Mentos mint into a bottle of Diet Coke and watched it explode.

You've heard me say it before, and I'm reemphasizing it now: Blacks Are The Originators Of American Pop Culture! And just like the Dr. Dre and Master P were selling thousands of CD's out the trunk of their car, before they ever got a record deal. You could be making thousands of dollars without ever going to the mainstream studios and record companies, begging for a deal.


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That does not mean that a standard theatrical release or record deal is not your ultimate goal, but money in your pocket and a validated online audience will make that task, oh so much easer. For some real world examples of successful low budget film projects see my story on The ABC's of Online Film Distribution (

Even though actual numbers are being held close to the vest, a little math shows that the going rate is around 50 to 80 cents per thousand views. For example; The producer of one video, the 2-million-view smash hit "Break a Leg," got a check from YouTube for $1,600--which equates to a net $0.80 CPM (cost per thousand).

Black America is only 12-13% of the population yet it influences 90% - 100% of mainstream American culture. From music to movies, literature to language; fashion to finance; Black America has predominant influence. No other minority group in this country has a more influential position, yet Black's are not fully enjoying the full benefits of such a role.

Now is the time for us to start utilizing technology to enjoy the full fruits of our labor, instead of the crumbs off the table. Emerging new markets such as mobile TV, user generated video services, and personalization (graphics and visual themes), are forecast to contribute $11 billion in revenues by 2010 as the market develops and expands.

Now I'm not going to repeat the reasons why, we as Black folk, should be taking advantage of this new and growing industry...Duh!!! All I'm saying to my music, video and want-ta-be friends, is; I'm after mine...Don't forget to get yours!

If you're an independent Rich Media (video, music, game, pictures) content producer, and want to know how to get in the digital entertainment game, just run a search on my name and start reading the many articles and links I've published on the subject of point-to-point online distribution.

Remember, We Must Share The Knowledge (Network)...To Share The Dollars!!!


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