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Why Should We Care About What's Going On in Central Asia?

From The Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton
Why Should We Care About What is Going On In Central Asia?

On one of the Websites that carries my blog/column From The Ramparts , in the post a comment section, a Sistah inquired what the significance of my posting about the situation in South Ossetia was; and what did that situation have to do with the “black cause”? First of all, the essence of my article was, we (people of African ascent) were sleeping while a potential flashpoint for WWIII was being ignited in South Ossetia. For numerous reasons we should be aware of and concerned about what is going on not only in South Ossetia, the Caucasus region but the whole world. Why? Because the same forces that are aggressively at work fomenting strife, carnage, war and deprivation all over Africa (Sudan, Somalia, Congo and Chad just to name a few) and in our communities here in AmeriKKKa are at work in South Ossetia. The “powers that be”, the international bankers and multinational corporations, their front men in government, their bag men in the think tanks and media, their goons in the intelligence agencies, police and military are using the exact same tactics throughout Africa they are using now in the Caucasus: tribal and ethnic loyalties, personal ambition, corruption and political strife to get what they want: access to and control of mineral and natural resources, or the control of the overland routes to transport them to their markets.

Just as the West is exploiting and manipulating Arab and African differences to balkanize Sudan to get at the rich oil deposits in the Darfur region (that the US mass media never mentions) , they are using ethic loyalties to instigate dangerous and deadly games of geopolitcal intrigue and disastrous resource wars in the Caucasus. We must take a much broader view of current events and not rely on the corporate mind control apparatus for all of our information. The lying hypocrites who run the US corporate media have the audacity to paint Russia as the aggressor in Georgia while they continuously shill for US war criminals and the atrocities they are committing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The corporate mind control apparatus is doing the bidding of its’ ownership and hypocritically denouncing Russia despite the fact the US is guilty of much more heinous crimes around the world, specifically in places like Haiti, Iraq, Somalia (by proxy, using Ethiopia) and Afghanistan. The US media would have us believe Russia acted in a heavy handed fashion, hoping we’ll forget how the US military bombed Baghdad indiscriminately and pretty much wiped out the town of Fallujah, all based on lies the media helped propagate!

We must keep in mind that most Africans in AmeriKKKa opposed the invasion of Iraq and we were deeply appalled at the “shock and awe” overkill the US military used on innocent Iraqi civilians despite the US media’s and military’s lies and disinformation about “smart bombs” and the “precision and pin point accuracy” of US weapons of mass destruction. We must not allow ourselves to become desensitized to the moral implications and human suffering the warmongers are planning and executing as we speak. So what if the South Ossetians are white, all the more reason to consider how psychopathic the people behind Georgian puppet President Mikheil Saakashvili are, people like Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice and the corporations they work for like Chevron, Exxon-Mobil or BP, Bechtel, General Electric and Lockheed Martin.

Most black folks are not familiar with the agenda and program of David Rockefeller or George H.W Bu$h’s “New World Order”. For more information about one of the platforms of their nefarious program which is global depopulation, go to the library or use your browser to look up Global 2000 or type in words like: world depopulation, global depopulation, Henry Kissinger/depopulation or eugenics and see how much comes up. Of course you have to sift through and seriously examine the information but enough is there to convince a reasonable person there is a definite plan to kill off billions of humans. Not only that, once you take current world events into account you will see it for what it is, a massive genocidal conspiracy.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. We are in a war for our very survival against forces so sick and evil we can’t imagine. The fact their shill and bag men and women cloak their plan in noble sounding words like freedom, liberation, democracy reveal just how deviously psychotic they really are. We must stop falling for the okey-doke. Do not watch the news uncritically or passively. Think for yourself. Ask questions like “who benefits from this”, what are the connections to big banking, big oil, the military-industrial complex or big pharmaceutical and genetically modified foods if any in this? Think like the character Lester Freeman in the HBO TV series The Wire, always follow the money. Lastly expand your horizons, like I told the Sistah, “the black cause” is global because black people are global and we are the true custodians of this planet. We have to regain our rightful place otherwise the crazies and warmongers will unleash deathly hell on the planet. Think Katrina without the flooding or imagine a twenty-first century “Middle Ages” and you can glean what the New World Order crowd intends for all of us. That’s why we should be concerned about what’s going on not only in South Ossetia but around the world.


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