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Young Black Republicans Who Deny Their Blackness

Last week, Joyce Jones, a columnist for wrote an article titled, “The Loneliness of the Black Republican: What attracts young African-Americans to the GOP?”  Although the article was off-base on so many points – No I won’t waste my time listing them here – it got me reflecting on this younger generation of Black Republicans.

Undoubtedly, young Blacks are attracted to the GOP brand more than older Blacks. If Jones could have tapped into that phenomenon, it could have been an…


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Some Homosexuals Confuse a Crime with a ‘Right’

October 9, 2013

By Raynard Jackson NNPA Columnist

As it is written, “there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” - Proverbs 14:12

What an appropriate statement to describe the continued denigration of the moral fabric of American society. I am fed up with everyone trying to be accommodating of homosexuals when they refuse to reciprocate towards those who disagree with them.

Let me explain.

Most of you probably…


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The Heart of the Black Conservative (Yes, we have one)


Within the Republican Party, there is what I call this mystery of the Black conservative.  Let me explain.

Over the years, I have had this conversation with people from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ollie North, Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour, etc. They would argue that there was this growing trend of “conservatism” within the Black community.  I told them all categorically that this was bull.

Blacks have always been conservative or, more accurately,…


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Dr. King Not Universally Liked: Raynard Jackson.

By Raynard Jackson, 8/27/13 ~

  Earlier this week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and its Chairman, Reince Priebus hosted a great 50th anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington.  It was truly wonderful to see the best of what America stands for.  In attendance were Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, males and females.  In other words, it was America.

As I sat there and listened to the various speakers during…


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Cartoonish College Republicans

When I read the recently released report by The College Republican National Committee (CRNC), titled, "Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation," I immediately thought of two cartoons: the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

The Flintstones was an animated, prime-time TV show that debuted in 1960. It was a cartoon about a working class family in the Stone Age. The Jetsons was a cartoon that debuted in 1962. The show was about a futuristic family who lived 100 years in the future…


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'No’ to 2 Moms and 2 Dads

Lately, I have been stressing the importance of preserving the sanctity of the traditional family–mother, father, and children.  There is not one example throughout the history of the world of a society prospering without an intact family unit.  Susie can’t have two moms nor can Jimmy have two dads.

Liberals would argue that is not the case and that society must “evolve” with the times…


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Blacks Schooled to Stay in a Daze

I was flipping through the TV channels last week and came across one of Spike Lee’s best movies, "School Daze."  This was a 1988 film written and directed by Lee.  The movie took an inside look at some of the internal issues that go on within the Black community—issues like dark skinned Blacks versus light skinned Blacks; Blacks that have “good”  hair versus Blacks with “nappy” hair; Blacks from wealthy families versus Blacks from poor families.   The movie was funny and serious at the same…


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Like Cholesterol, Some Discrimination is Good

I was on “Washington Watch with Roland Martin” last week.  This is a weekly TV show that deals with Black political issues, among other things. The roundtable discussion was very lively, but I was amazed at my fellow panelists’ response to something I said.

Americans somehow have this strange notion that all discrimination is bad.  But it isn’t.  We discriminate every day.  You choose one restaurant over another; you watch one TV show versus another; you date skinny girls and not…


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Republicans Have Learned a Lesson

03 APRIL 2013


Several of my readers of have questioned why I am writing positive articles about my Republican Party.  The simple answer is that they deserve it. In the past, I…


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White Media Masquerading as Black

White Media Masquerading as Black

March 25, 2013

By Raynard Jackson

NNPA Columnist

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, released his long awaited report last week called the Growth and Opportunity Project.  It is basically a post mortem of last November’s election results and lessons learned.

The report stated the obvious: The Republican Party had problems with key demographic groups such as Blacks and Hispanics. To address this…


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MinimumWage Plan Should Spark Maximum Rage

February 18, 2013

By Raynard Jackson

NNPA Columnist

Last week, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress. I am stunned at how far left he has moved politically. He wants more government spending, more programs, and more government regulations. Ted Kennedy, the late senator from Massachusetts, would be very proud of Obama’s continued lurch to the left.

The one thing that stood out with me from his speech was his…


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President Obama: Please Call Home


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Holding President Obama Accountable

January 21, 2013

By Raynard Jackson

NNPA Columnist

Four years ago, President Obama made history by becoming the first Black president in the history of the U.S.  I would like to think that even those who did not support his candidacy were proud of what the American people demonstrated—that…


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The Biggest Losers of 2012

As I have reflected on the year just ended, I noticed everyone doing their usual year-end lists of the biggest winners and losers of the year. I am not a big fan of these lists, but I will acknowledge that the Black community was the biggest loser of 2012.

I have been very critical of how media-appointed groups/individuals have been labeled as the leaders of the Black community.  It’s funny that the media doesn’t use similar language when referring to the White community. Who are…


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Romney’s Lack of Blacks

By Raynard Jackson ~

  Just over a month ago Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP during their national convention.  I thought Romney’s speech was horrible and quite a waste of time because he said nothing that would be of any interest to the Black community.  You can read that column at:

This column set off a firestorm of reactions…


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Romney and the NAACP: A Missed Opportunity

By Raynard Jackson

NNPA Columnist


July 12, 2012


As anyone who has followed me knows, I have been extremely critical of President Obama’s non-engagement with the Black community. Obama has deliberately ignored the plight of the Black community while giving preferential treatment to the homosexual and Hispanic communities.


But I can’t in good conscious criticize Obama and then give the Republicans a pass when they display similar behavior…


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Independence Day

July 4, 2012                   

Raynard Jackson

As we celebrate Independence Day here in the US, I wonder when the Black community is going to learn the true meaning of this day when it comes to politics.

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is about freedom to think, be, imagine and to live.  In the U.S., July 4, 1776 was the day we celebrate our freedom from Great Britain.  Even though the adoption of the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2,…


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Memo To Romney

June 29, 2012


Raynard Jackson


Now that Romney is the defacto nominee for the Republican Party, I have been reflecting on the state of the presidential race as it enters the final stretch.  As a political strategist, I understand the necessity to run to the right during the Republican primary and then migrate to the center during the general election.


It is common knowledge that Romney has no intention of…


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Family Values

June 21, 2012


Raynard Jackson


As, I reflected on the celebration of Father’s Day last Sunday, I thought about what that day should really mean.  But, before I could do that, I had to find out where that day came from.


Father’s Day was a direct derivative of Mother’s Day; but the reason for their creation was polar opposite of each other.  Mother’s Day was created with the expressed mandate of not being turned…


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The Afro is American

June 14, 2012       

Raynard Jackson

In last week’s column I wrote about how the NAACP has lost its mind with its resolution supporting gay marriage.  I have very little faith or confidence in most of the traditional Black institutions—NABJ, churches, fraternities, sororities, HBCUs, etc.

But after attending a lunch this past Wednesday, my faith and confidence is a tad bit stronger.  It was though I was taken back in time to a better…


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