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Reggae and dancehall A culture clash

Edward Seaga:

It is felt, generally, that all Jamaican popular music can be described by one brand name - reggae. This assumption has been widely accepted because of the dominant position of reggae music, which has so captured international popularity that it is a phenomenon. But musical styles remain popular for only so many years. Then comes the period when the composing of new tunes ceases and, the music thereafter lives on in memories and reputation.

Reggae… Continue

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JAMAICA: Edna Manley, UWI to host dance conference

Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMC) and the University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI) will host the 11th Dance and the Child International (daCi) Conference, August 2-8. This was revealed at the daCi Jamaica media launch on Thursday, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.

The theme for the event is 'Cultures Flex: Unearthing Expressions of the Dancing Child'.

Nicholeen DeGrasse Johnson, conference chair and director of School of Dance,… Continue

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But, Can They Read?

commonsense 714

John Maxwell:

Some of the most amazing things happened within the last two weeks. Hundreds of miles above the earth, an obsolete Russian satellite collided over Siberia with a American communication satellite, and the odds against that happening are so astronomic that nobody had bothered to calculate them.

So, many of us were more than surprised when we heard a few days later that two nuclear submarines, one British, the other French, had… Continue

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Enough of This Bipartisanship Nonsense

I started to laugh when I heard that Michael Steele was selected as the first African American to chair the Republican National Committee. I don’t think much of the “new” Republican Party, but then again, that doesn’t prevent me from writing about it.

But don’t get me wrong, I think that the former Maryland lieutenant governor was the best person available for the job. Then again, given the paucity of… Continue

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109 Year-old Sees 27th President Take Office

Lucille Burrell turned 109 on February 2. She was born in 1900.
The photo above shows her watching the inauguration of the first
Black President of the United States, Barack Obama.--

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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Dear Sweet Mother International,Please, please don't forget to add the United States of America to your "undeveloped nations" category. There is virtually nothing in place here in the government to help mothers. I have known single mothers who are forced to work 2 or more jobs -- 90 hours a week, in order to afford the childcare they are forced to have. Childcare in this area costs about $800 a month per child. A minimum wage job… Continue

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A Thief by any other name...

Odhiambo T Oketch:

Yesterday was a sad day for the many Kenyans on whose behalf President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila were begging food for from the International Partners just recently at KICC.

In the floor of Parliament, we all watched with shock as Parliament voted against a censure motion against the Minister of Agriculture. This cleansing, at whatever cost it was, proved once more that the big THIEVES can never be touched in Kenya. They will steal and look… Continue

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Black and White

February 19, 2008

Raynard Jackson

Typically during the month of February, Black History month, media seems to focus on the state of race relations. I have done many interviews and had many conversations on this issue. As a result, I have spent more time than usual reflecting on this issue.

As a political operative, I have spent many hours meeting with senators, congressmen, governors, and mayors from both parties. My observation is that most Black elected… Continue

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Corruption Management – An Alternative Proactive Approach

Over the past few years, corruption has become a topic of increased interest and debate within Nigerian society. Nigeria’s independent media and other commentators worldwide are constantly assessing the government's efforts to address corruption. This public discourse is a critical element in any anticorruption effort and is essential in raising public awareness of the issues associated with corruption in Nigeria.

In a democratic society, the public's tolerance, or more… Continue

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NO MORE SAGGING! Brothers, pull up your pants.


Atlanta, GA - ( - President Barack Obama made an adverse national appeal for “brothers” to “pull up their pants” during a MTV program in November. In support of the President's plea,… Continue

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Ron Daniels on WWRL Radio Each Day 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon EST!

Build Black Progressive Radio!! Support the Institute of the Black World 21st Century!!

Ron Daniels-- Has a daily Talk Show on WWRL AM 1600 , "An Hour with Professor Ron Daniels" which airs from 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon EST

Connect on the link above to hear the show!

Ron Daniels, served as Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights for twelve years,. A scholar-activist who… Continue

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For Immediate Release:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Contact: Corey Halstead


Former XM talk show host joins USTalkNetwork

(Washington, DC)—Former XM talk show host, Raynard Jackson is set to join the USTalkNetwork on Saturday, March 7, 2009. His live show will be from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Washington, DC—east coast time) every Saturday night. The live show will be called, “Talking Right with Raynard Jackson.”

Talking Right with Raynard… Continue

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Chokwe Lumumba Is Running The For Jackson, MS City Council

Chokwe Lumumba For Jackson, MS City Council

Building a New Jackson, Building a New South, Building Self-Determination!

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) is taking a bold step to advance the cause of New Afrikan Self-determination. Building off the experiences of developing the Freedom Party in Selma, Alabama and the Reconstruction Party in New Orleans, Louisiana, MXGM co-founder, Chokwe Lumumba, is running for City Council in Jackson, Mississippi. The… Continue

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Our Prize

We’ve taken our eyes off the prize.

Our gifts.

Our babies.

Our children.

Our future.

For too long. Far too long. Far too lost.

Far too many, too far gone.

Today, the things that matter most to our youth shouldn’t.

And the ones who should matter most, don’t.

The things they want to be, they’ll never see.

The things they should see, they’ll probably never… Continue

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The 1st National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo Presents FAME: Fashion, Art, Music & Education

Good day and blessings.

On behalf of our teenage generation who needs us more today than ever before, please consider supporting and / or participating in this event, and sharing this information among your circles of influence:

Happy Black History Month, sisters and brothers, and those to whom it should concern:

As my “calling" is to uplift the quality of life and learning for our young generation in a country… Continue

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Class Warfare-Behind The Veil

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Class Warfare- Behind The Veil

“ Current financial crises are cabal-planned-and-executed terrorist ‘false-flag’ attacks on American workers: an operation in which a nation attacks itself but makes it appear that an enemy has committed the attack, provoking peace-loving people into fighting against the demonized ‘enemy.’ In the present situation, the ‘enemy’ is said to be ‘happenstance,’ as though current economic… Continue

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Roots of Sudanese conflict are in the British colonial policies.

Savo Heleta:

January 12, 2008 — What is wrong with Africa? Why is the largest number of failed states on the continent? Is something fundamentally wrong with Africans or could there be another explanation? Trying to find answers to these questions, let’s see what historians and social scientists believe are the roots of the conflict in Sudan, an African country where peace lasted for little over a decade since 1956.

Like in all other parts of the world, there was… Continue

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God is able….But?

February 11, 2009

Raynard Jackson

What an amazing year thus far! Obama’s inauguration, Mike Tomlin’s Steelers win the Super Bowl (the youngest Black coach in the .N.F.L. and the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl in history), and Michael Steele’s election as the first Black to lead the Republican Party. God has brought us from a mighty long way.

As I reflected on how far we have come, I wondered what would happen if God said, “ENOUGH.” I have done all I am going… Continue

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Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Update

Greetings Family,

How are you? I am a little tired but I am okay. It is a busy time for me. African-American Heritage Month or Black History Month or whatever you choose to call this time of year is very demanding, and the scholars tend to really push themselves during this time. Last weekend I lectured in Detroit and Chicago and right now I am in the middle of an Ohio lecture series. I am trying to get at least a few hours of sleep every night. My diet could be a lot better but I am… Continue

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"A Decade of Keeping Our Music Alive"

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium (CBJC) presents its 10th Annual Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival from April 1 thru 30, 2009. This month long celebration of an American original art form Jazz, will be held in venues throughout Brooklyn, New York. Some of the musicians and events scheduled include: legendary jazz drummer Roy Haynes, Randy Weston, Dave Valentin, Houston Person, Melba… Continue

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