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September 2011 Blog Posts (102)

The Dilemmas of Choosing African American Baby Names


African American baby names vary from the beautiful, traditional names, full of history and meaning - to the downright ridiculous. The problem is the extreme variety of names available and the possible reasons for choosing them.

Probably more than any other group in the US, African American parents are faced with a number of dilemmas when choosing baby names. Should they, for example, reflect a deep and strong cultural heritage, by choosing an African name? African names…


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Understanding Lip Reshaping Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


Plastic Surgery
Lip Reshaping Cosmetic Plastic Procedures are counted among the most demanded forms of cosmetic procedures in India and abroad. This is because everybody desires fuller, more aesthetically-appealing lips. Lip reshaping procedures are undertaken by specialist healthcare practitioners like cosmetic surgeons. Please note that lip reshaping can be…

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Kerala Hotels - An Exclusive and Luxury Hotels

Hotels in Kerala

Kerala is very famous for its beautiful hotels and resorts which truly offer the visitors a wonderful vacation and offer the tourist the feel of home far away from home. This beautiful state and its beautiful hotels truly will offer you a most remarkable vacation and truly will offer you mesmerizing vacation throughout the year. This beautiful state is dotted with picturesque…

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Goa the Richest Tourist Destination to Visit and Explore in India

This has emerged as one of the best places for travel and tourism. It is recognized as the tourist delight. A little green land on the West coast of the country is internationally renowned for its beaches and flora and fauna lashed with scenic beauty. Every year, the place is visited by millions of tourist from everywhere around the globe. The state is famous not only for its excellent beaches, but also for the churches and temples.


These are the most…


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Kerala and the Fascinating Houseboats and the Scintillating Backwaters

houseboats kerala


Kerala is the most sought after tourist destinations in India. This beautiful state is located in the South India, which is centered between the mighty Western Ghats and the sapphire Arabian Sea. Dotted with many beautiful attractions and destinations this beautiful state is truly the most visited and truly offer a wonderful vacation which is remembered…


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Hotels in Cochin Offers Wonderful and Delightful Stay

Kerala is the most beautiful states in India. Dotted with numerous tourist attractions and destinations this state is truly one of the most fascinating states to visit in this state. Kerala which beautifully hovers between the gorgeous Arabian Sea and the mighty Western Ghats, easily entice the tourist from all over the globe. Numerous tourist destination and…


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Effortless Relocation Services by Packing and Moving Company

These days the demand of packing and moving companies are rising day by day as they make the resettlement process as easier as possible. People think that the task of relocation is really very easy and they have to do the entire work them self. But it only seems simple otherwise the total work of resettlement brings lots of unwanted stress that is intolerable for the people. The annoying work of shifting make people confused that is why they need the help of experts moving agencies. The…


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An Exclusive and Luxury Hotels in Kerala

Hotels in Kerala


World-renowned as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is an ancient and delightful state of India and of course one of the most sought after tour and travel destinations located at south-western region of India magnets tourists from the every nook and corner of the world. It is blessed with such attractions whose significance is beyond the words and visual…

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Plans For Chicken Coops - For Happy, Healthy, Productive Chickens

by: Dennis Cordy ~


So you fancy keeping some backyard fowl? I have to say I think that’s a terrific notion. So how to start? The most important job on your list - other than getting those lovely chickens of course - is to discover plans for chickens coops that measure up to your needs. The determining question is, what precisely are your needs?

Are you searching for chickens for personal enjoyment in a small garden? Do you…

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Viagra and a Divorce - With Viagra, Can Papa Get a “Brand New Bag”?

by: Askme Blax ~


A friend posed a question to me a few days ago that I found very thought-provoking. How has the availability of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra affected marriages and monogamous relationships? The question came from a man who has no virility issues, so please leave assumptions at the door as we explore this topic. The question itself is insightful, but since Viagra is relatively new (first…


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Do We Share the Same Taboos? Cultural Influence on Language Choice

by: Man-Ping Chu ~



Taboos are established in a society to avoid harmful consequences to their people either because the non-verbal or verbal behavior violates a code based on supernatural beliefs or it violates the moral code of the society. According to Adler (1989), taboos are subject to the environment and they are language-specific. This research was held in the United States…

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The War on Retirees and Pensions

 From The Ramparts
 by Junious Ricardo Stanton

“Recent data on pension deficits highlight the plight of many pension funds. In the United States, funding deficits of the 100 largest DB plans rose $68 billion to $254 billion in July,…

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Black Empowerment 101

Black Economic Empowerment 101


Black Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are still trying to innovate in 2011.  We are th salvation for the Black Community.  Our unique gifts must be developed and supported by the Black Community, because the government at every level has unwritten plans that limit African American Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs access to capital. Where are our AT&T, Coca Cola, Google, Facebook and Apples? It's…


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Uttarakhand Tour - Perfect Place For India Tourism

Uttarakhand Tourism
Uttarakhand is also known by the name of Uttaranchal. This is the 27th state of India. It was given the name of Republic state in November month in the 2000 year. This state was extracted from the Uttar Pradesh state and also includes the hilly areas. The tourism to Uttarakhand offers great view to trekkers, pilgrimage passengers and glaciers. People from several…

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Support the Black Inventors Gifting Challenge

Terry Boykins

CEO, Street Positive ~


"I want to honor you." Imagine a young person hearing you say these words.

Imagine the positive impact it would have on their self-esteem to know someone cares.

I would like your support in the "Black Inventors Gifting Challenge" between now and Black History Month 2012. Objective: Nationwide "Each One, Reach One" outreach to create greater…


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AU Diaspora Task Team meets, Visioning African Diaspora as the 6th Region of the African Continent



The biggest gathering of selected high caliber African Diasporan will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2011, during the African Union Diaspora High Level meeting organized by the African Union Diaspora Task Team to aggressively pursue the concrete realization of the dream and…

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Hotels in Kerala Offer the Visitors a Heavenly Stay along the Beautiful Nature

Kerala is the most traveled destination in the South India. This beautiful state is situated in between the Arabian Sea and the verdant Western Ghats. Kerala in India is the most traveled destination and is truly very worth to visit and explore. This beautiful state is visited by all the sort of the visitors from all over the globe. This beautiful has rich heritage, lingual culture and the historical…

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La jeunesse noire face à la culture du Livre

Tout le savoir et la connaissance se trouvent renfermés dans les livres et la jeunesse noire de par le monde ne lit plus...


Nul ne peut nier aujourd'hui, au vu de la situation, que la jeunesse noire de par le monde est en réel danger. Quelque que soi le point du globe où elle se trouve, notre jeunesse vit sur le fil du…

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International Dialogue on State-building and National Development in South Sudan


International Dialogue on State-building and National Development in South Sudan
Convened by the African Research and Resources Forum (ARRF) and the Centre for Peace and Development Studies (CPDS) at the University of Juba, Juba, South Sudan

September 23- 23, 2011

Foreign policy options for the Government of…

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Explore the Stunning Beauty of Kerala with Houseboat Tours

houseboats kerala


Mother Nature gives a lift to our spirit in different ways and by countless means, thus natural beauty is something which never fails to rejuvenate and make us feel happy and top of the entire world. If you are in search of a great escape from the hard work of daily life and rest in peace for some time in heaven, then tour to Kerala is the most excellent bet.…


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