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New Black Revolutionary Poetry

An Oscar Too?

Nixon arrogantly followed orders,
And had not misfortune cost him his job,
He might have stretched political borders,
Despite his illegal ties to the mob.
Reagan and Carter were most naïve,
One thinking wealth could save the old nation;
The other too southern and staid to believe
A secret team steered each situation.
Clinton and Bush set laws for global rule,
One – a clever, vain, and amoral flirt;
The other a cocky fumbling fool-
One from crime and wealth – one from want and dirt.
Obama put the crown on the plotter’s heads,
Wealth to the rich, more chains for the chained.
He brought the horror the dreamer dreads;
Freedom’s prison cell was red and stained!
A Nobel Prize for seeing bankers through;
Shouldn’t he get an acting Oscar too?


I am the rich man’s prey, the hunted poor,
My life is planned in some secret room
Behind some large heavily guarded door,
By what wealthy men - I know not whom.
Their thin wires go into my mortgaged home,
They’ve welded heavy chains upon my mind;
In Freedom’s pasture I shall never roam
For they’ve fed me their books to keep me blind!
They submit to me twins for election-
For work -given a worthless federal note;
Politicians, police – no protection -
When I complain they declare I should vote!
Vote for my voluntary slavery!
Vote for greater power to the State!
Vote for the senseless who lack bravery-
Vote for a roof and small crumbs on my plate!
I am the rich man’s dog, happily greeting;
The field, factory, office are my tomb;
My future plotted in some covert meeting,
By what wicked men, I know not whom.


Intellect shuns to worship king or queen,
Whether they’re first lady or president
Whose cunning objectives are vaguely seen -
Amassing wealth and self-aggrandizement!
To enrich their masters and protectors,
To please corporate sponsors and the banks;
To support Zionist tax collectors
Who shower them with governmental “thanks.”
They’ll create a false national threat,
Cloaking their madness in wondrous disguise;
Their shrewd method to raise national debt,
To make wages fall, unemployment rise!
I shall have no queen lest she sleeps my bed;
Shall not know a king - lest that king be dead!
I shall have no queen lest she wears my ring –
I shall stand for no judge, bow to no king!


Struggle with uncompromising desire
For the beauty of justice, pure and right;
Flames of Freedom will rise from the fire
That you so selflessly set and ignite!
Disregard news denouncing each brave turn
And fantasizing your coming defeat;
One bold flame and their oppression will burn,
The red smoke of liberty smells so sweet!
Struggle against the vile money-lenders,
Their insidious goal of global rule;
Resist the cunning political pretenders
Clothed as elephants and humble mules.
Struggle against lies of legislators,
Pretending to have your interests at heart;
They are true wolves and sheep imitators
Who chain with laws and tear freedoms apart!


There is on the horizon
A grim and frightening chill.
For governments, an enemy
That bombs just cannot kill.
It’s silent like a spirit,
As cleansing as a flood
And nothing known may stop it
But the bankers’, the tyrant’s blood!
It cannot be diverted
By cunning deceit and lies;
It will not believe promises;
And does not compromise.
It rumbles like a stampede
To crash the oppressor’s gate
It washes clean the bank vaults
And clears the debtor’s slate.
It knows not propaganda
Nor can it be coerced;
Its drama for over a thousand years
Has been so well rehearsed.


Fight! Or be slaughtered in silence;
Fight! Or just tremble in fear;
Fight! For there’s strength in defiance;
Fight! The objectives are clear.
Freedom! Not capitalist slavery;
Freedom! Not the bankers note;
Freedom! Show the dept of your bravery;
Make your fist your only vote!
Victory! The quest of the struggles;
Victory! The prize and the goal;
Victory and world liberation
From the vampires of labor and gold.
Fight! Though disarmed and scattered;
Fight! Though defenseless and cold;
Fight! Though hungry and tattered;
Fight! And be ever bold!


For filling the bodacious banker’s vault,
For coolly stirring hearts and blinding eyes,
For making the poor think it’s all their fault,
The globalist gave him the Nobel Prize!
For raising the deficit beyond belief,
And leading the world’s democratic craze,
For burdening the poor with smiles and grief
The corporate media gives him praise!
Because he’s black some think he’s just and fair
So long they’ve awaited the Anointed;
But is his plate of morals dry and bare!
Those wanting “change” so disappointed!
His oratory puts masses to sleep-
A smooth white wolf dressed as a black sheep!


Articulate, dreamy, foreign child
The classic mulatto, infectious smile
Malcolm and Martin rolled into one
Mandingo’s scrapping bastard son!

Styled his Gullah wife in a corporate blouse
Did a buck dance for bankers to the White House
Bailed out greedy bankers with a juicy treat
Did a Negro’s tap dance for Wall Street.

Denounced his father, forsook with his preacher,
Praises robber barons and his Harvard teacher*
A tragic mulatto with lost serenity
Never to accept his professed identity!

“Change” he preached - for “Change” people wait
More bailouts, tax and police state!
More of the same but in black face,
Just another national disgrace!

Rescued the gangsters in private planes
While the jobless and homeless felt the pains
Silly voters he never meant to serve!
He’s the house Negro for the Federal Reserve.

Ward Connally would say “amen!”
Stepin Fechet would call his act a sin!
A perfect puppet to deceive and pretend!
Begs a bailout with tin cup in hand
Around his neck, a golden band
Dislikes elephants, but claims the donkey,
Begging like the organ grinder’s monkey!
 *Barack Obama’s instructor in university was none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, globalist, Trilateral Commisssion, Council of Foreign Relations, etc.


I shall be a deviant
To challenge the whirling storm
I shall not dance for the social event
Nor submit to social norm
I shall be a deviant
To follow no flag or creed
To fight and be defiant
My mind must be freed!
Decorum I ever shall defy
Nor shall I give consent
To be led, taught and not deny
My vision to invent.
Not fear or violence shall compel
Me inward from the storm
I shall ever rise and rebel-
I never shall conform!
I shall seek the greatest Good!
No televised chains for me
Away with sport and Hollywood!
My Spirit must be free!
Yes, I shall be a deviant
Not in sexuality!
Never to wages subservient!
Come deviate with me,
Come rebel with me!

Who knew?

Who knew
the white sewage of judicial in-justice
Would be scavenged by foul multi-colored materialistic, military maggots
Sucking on rotting carcasses of demonic democratic disciples,
Fornicating with Christian Zionists in the dissolving red and blue skies?
Who knew
Hallowed hyprocrites, federated felons and pornographic police
Would ruthlessly rape the pissy venereal whore of Washington
Splitting her infected anus with legislation of mass destruction?
Who knew
The unpatriotic pyromaniacs of plunder,
the poisonous prostitutes of public trust would scream “terrorism”
and lynch a fellow felon with a rope of lies and ignorant mercenaries?
Who knew
The bastards of incestuous whores of murder the mothers of their grands,
That negros and revolutionaries would collude, conspire and rob revolutionary banks? That the gravy on the grits of freedom was the diarrhea of deceit
Browned in the swine gut of a Christian cannibal?


Face your fear though it seems an open tomb
Inscribed with bold letters in your name;
Bravery and courage know not doom
And mark the road to illustrious fame.
Face your terror whether slander or bruise
Suffer and bleed until you prevail;
Confront the terror to win, or to lose-
Though it cost you breath, or chains you in jail.
Face your fears!


When waxing moons in a waning winter womb
Ripen the world while pregnant dreams grow,
It’s time to smile away the bile so bitter,
It’s time to contemplate, it’s time to sow.
Foul failure, cold, dead whiteness all around
The casket of your lost hope, to sing
Grim elegies of how Life brought you down;
But the dawn of hope resurrects each spring.
When unfolding famines of misfortune
Widen your dark, dreary doorway to doom
Each tear makes discovery more opportune
And one spring ray destroys all winter’s gloom.


You say I need government protection
From the evil, growing terrorist threat;
Though I vote in each four-year election,
No safety, no security, has come yet.
Now the communist threat has subsided,
You request national ID cards
And your faith with my facts have collided,
As you seek more police and national guards.
You say I need federal protection
From illegal drugs and violent crime,
And based on your wise projection,
Income taxes must elevate in time.
You say I need government protection
From the danger of terrorists and spies,
And from your wise, cynical perception
The military budget must rise.
You wildly wave the flag, red, white and blue,
And blind loyalty you firmly demand;
You bomb a building, and spread anthrax, too,
And then cleverly blame the Taliban.
With freedoms and liberties eroded,
With no privacy nor justice to save,
I’ve become, since the building exploded,
No more than an over-taxed, willing slave!
Like the Mafia you offer protection,
From fascism and dictatorship, too,
But upon making closer inspection,
What I need is just protection from you!


White man's black dog barking through the fence,
Giving hate a bestial and savage sight.
It was not I who first took the offence,
To challenge and risk your dangerous bite.
I work here secure upon my own soil,
And peace and labor I seek to subdue.
For four hundred years I was made to toil
For being righteous, strong and black- like you.
Though well-restrained, your bark brings terrror,
Since we're taught to ignore our common plight;
Your gnarling shows me I'm not in error-
You seek to hurt me with your angry bite!
Now I question my very sense and soul,
I move through my yard with caution and care,
And think with what bile he's filled your bowl
Against the same black armour that you wear?
Has my mind come to such a wretched state,
To think white man teaches his black dog hate?

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Sotia Teneh

Good day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you, after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. Could you please get back to me. My E-mail address ( for the full details. Have a nice day.
Sotia Teneh.

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