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Ghana: University Students Inspired By Congolese People of Katanga.

In Katankga, we rest not in our determination to pursue the best for our society THE STORY OF THE ONLY LIVING EMPIRE IN GHANA. THE SEAL IS BROKEN…. UNTOLD STORIES OF OLD UNFOLD NOW. THE MUCH AWAITE… View »

How Africa Can Solve Its Problems: Africa’s Agony, A Plan For Action 1 Comment

Africa is stack. How can the resource-rich continent move forward? How Africa Can Solve Its Problems By Scott Bidstrup Many have blamed Africa’s agony on the intervention of foreign governments (re… View »

Mugabe renews call for pan-African president

HARARE — Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe this week revived calls for a "president for a United States of Africa", echoing his slain ally Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader. Mr Mugabe told v… View »

Ghana: The Lunatic Fringe of Chinese Immigrants Must Be Reprimanded

Chinese immigrants are robbin innocent Ghanaians on their motherland for their natural resources One of the unrecognised, albeit, most deadly evil of modern life’s facets in Ghana is Chinese mass… View »

Rwanda Uganda - Enemies of Africa, selling-of Africa for a few dollars?

Enemies of Africa: For how long must we sit aside and allow wicked African traitors to sell-off Africa for a few dollars? Rwanda’s Defence Minister has been commanding rebels in the neighbouring De… View »

Why Is Africa Taking Too Long To Develop?

For over 50yrs, Africans continue to blindly follow instructions from the West, which cause them to remain under-develop for decades to come By Omar Sheikh Hamid The approach to the road of develo… View »

Rebel Groups In Africa, How Are They Funded?

Rebels in the Central African Republic captures more towns as government forces surrender Over the years, many militants and rebel groups have propped up across Africa: the Al-Shabbab, the Tuareg… View »

Understanding NATO’s Humanitarian Mission In Africa

They’ll be waving flags of safety when they come… They’ll be waving flags of safety when they come Promising security, and offering protection, They’ll be waving flags of our safety when they come. C… View »


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