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2019 marks 400 years since the first Africans landed at Point Comfort (now Fort Monroe, Hampton, VA).

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo launched the Year of Return in DC on September 28, 2018, inviting African Americans to come "home" to Ghana.

Seventy-five percent of the slave dungeons which held slaves during the Transatlantic Slave Trade are located in Ghana. Ghana has become an ultra-popular destination for many African Americans looking to reconnect with their roots. Especially this year, as many answer the call of the Year of Return, proclaimed by His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo, and enjoying a special "connection" to the motherland after 400 years.
Mr. Awua Ababio - Director- Diaspora Affairs Office of the President-Ghana, Princess Ocansey, Founder, Royal Return, Mrs. Nadia Adongo - Dep. Dir., Diaspora Affairs, Nicole.and Ms. Pam Alexander- USA on mother-daughter Royal Return.

"Royal Return USA-Ghana, takes the Year of Return to another level", said Ms. Pamela Alexander, of Detroit, Michigan. She just completed a mother-daughter Royal Return to Ghana, where she and her daughter Nicole, were adopted into the Royal Ocansey Family of Ada, Ghana with the names: Adede Ocansey (Nicole) and Naana Akler Ocansey (Pamela)- names of strong female leaders.

"I am so moved by my Royal Return experience in Ghana," said Nicole Jakabcsin, daughter of Pamela Alexander, and recent graduate of Stanford University, California. "I chose Ghana to celebrate my 22nd birthday and I cannot articulate the experience: it was spectacular, emotionally fulfilling and amazing! So glad I came!"

Twenty-seven years ago, in December 1992, Royal Return USA-Ghana, founder, HRH Princess Asie Kabuki Ocansey birthed her first Royal Return via African American Celebrity - the late USA megastar, Sir Isaac Hayes.

" We adopted Isaac into the Ocansey Royal Family, and renamed him: Nene (Chief) Katey Ocansey, as Chief for Development of the Ada Traditional Area," said Princess Ocansey.
The Late Isaac Hayes and Nekotech Center Building -home of Royal Return Ghana built by H.E. Rev. Dr. Princess Ocansey and the late Nene Katey Ocansey - the Late Isaac Hayes

When the Ocansey Royal Family presented Isaac Hayes land to build a Palace, Isaac was so touched, he instead opted to build a school together with the Princess.

"I remember Isaac Hayes crying and saying he had never felt so welcomed and connected anywhere, as he felt in Ada, Ghana”, said Princess Ocansey. The late Isaac Hayes was iconic in Ghana and to see him in tears, moved us to do more Royal Returns.

At the early age of 9, a young Princess Ocansey was exposed to the atrocities of slavery, the door of no Return, and the impact of slavery on African Americans by, an African American Director at Rutgers University, the late Don Phifer.

The Princess was so deeply touched that she made Mr. Phifer a promise that one day, she would go to America and bring back all her African American brothers and sisters and treat them with all the love that had been denied them for so long.

Ten years later, the Princess did go to the USA, and attended Rutgers University, College of Engineering and since 1992, she and the Royal Return team, now greatly expanded in the US and Ghana, has been fulfilling the prophesy of bringing African Americans home and lovingly receiving them and adopting them into the Ocansey royal family and other families as well.

The Royal Return experience is like none other. It is a loving transformative family experience of a specially designed homecoming that finds its roots in how deeply the late Don Phifer touched the young Princess Ocansey.

Since the Royal Return of the late Isaac Hayes, Royal Return has adopted over 1000 African Americans into the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada and other families, in spiritual naming ceremonies held on a special island with healing waters of reconciliation. Many of the African Americans have come from various organizations including members of the National Black MBA, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the National Medical Association and the Student National Medical Association of DC, HBCUs, members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of Georgia and several other churches and members of Hollywood.

The Royal Return experience kicks off upon landing in Accra with the Royal Return Akwaaba-Odendey Cultural Ensemble who welcome guests with a joyful dance, song and a jump to signify the joy of receiving their long lost brethren and sisters who have now broken the spell of no return!

One significant ceremony is the "salt restoration ritual", where African Americans - as "salt of the motherland" sprinkle salt to restore themselves and "taste" back into the soil of Mama Africa.

Royal Return ensures courtesy calls on top level members of the nation and communities, plus an expertly guided tour through the slave dungeons followed by visits to beautiful sites while engaging in family visits, naming ceremonies, attending African family events to meet members of their soon to be families.

Royal Return is the real deal, the most sought after homecoming experience for any African American yearning for a real " AKWAABAA-ODENDEY" (welcome) experience whose drumbeats reach deeply into the heart and soul.

Contact Royal Return to book your Royal Return to Ghana for Oct 31 to Nov 7 or Dec 10 to 18, 2019.

Victoria Brown
Royal Return Ghana
+1 240-501-0533
email us here
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Royal Return ODENDEY Airport Welcome

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