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Dear Bankie,

I have only just returned from a very fruitful Summit of Wadu which was well attended and of serious even contentious deliberation, ending however in unanimous understanding and determination to continue the struggle. Incidentally although Darfur was not on the agenda, it came in for much discussion and ended with a strong declaration of support against the arab inspired genocide. They were all more ignorant than I was about the impending danger of arabisation.

    Sorry if I put you on the spot. I am prepared to take full blame if such it is and am prepared to make my own defence(if charged) I shall certainly not lay my burden on you.

    i REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW  and to whom I have caused offence. Please tell me, I understand that some may have doubts about my attitude, I believe this may be because,

 1    I am a confirmed and dedicated Christian(which I do not accept as a White religion)


2    I have been very ignorant of the historical depths of perfidy by arabs against MY people. I am just being enlightened in this respect by scholars like Chinweizu, Kwesi Prah. Nabudere, yourself and others to whom I have only recently been introduced,


My previos disgust of arabs have been limited to their socially racist attitude towards black people.

    I would be glad if you could inform me which of your principles I have rejected. If it is that my approach is based on the belief that "the leopard can change its spots", I am prepared to admit most honestly that I am beginning to revise that belief on the evidence presented.

    With regard to my PanAfricanist orientation.This remains unchanged. I do not consider the OAU  with all its glowing weaknesses nor the newborn AU (dangerously poised to becoming arabised) as a theatre pandering to the elite.. The AU will be what we make it.The early PanAfricanists, W E B Dubois,  George Padmore, Marcus Garvey and some of our early leaders were vital steps, in their time and with the limitations were vital steps in our development. We should never undervalue their contributions and sacrifice, We should rather on analysis build success on their failures.

    I regret that I will not stand aside and watch. I will rather advocate to the best of my ability that they should learn to distinguish between those Black leaders and those leaders who happen to be black. ,those who substitute rhetoric for analysis and criticism .


    I do hope my dear Bankie that I make myself clear. I too await your comments and answers to the questions raised.,I again apologise if I caused offence.


            Dudley Thompson.


Sudan Sensitisation Project (SSP) 


Monday, August 25, 2008 5:30 PM

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