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Happy Easter? Dear Mr. Freedom Fighter, How Do I Free Myself From That Which Is Central To All My Values and Beliefs?

So many freedom fighters wished me a "Happy Easter" today. 

And Passover? Who were passed-over?
It's Easter and the many who, it seems, shout loudest for Freedom look now and recommit themselves to the very yoke they protest to be free of. 


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Dear Freedom Fighter:

I can only tell what worked for me: I started off in Christianity, even becoming a minister.  It took a Seventh Day Adventist to ask why my church worshiped on Sunday instead of on the Sabbath, Saturday.  Eventually, this inquiry led me to Judaism.  I became a black Jew or Hebrew Israelite, going from Messianic to "non-Messianic".  However, as I studied the Kabbalah and the Hebrew language, I became more curious about their roots.  This led me to the Medtu Neter (what the Greeks called the hieroglyphics) and Medu Neter of Kemet/Egypt.  I call it time traveling through language back to the faith of my ancestors.  It wasn't a leap of faith, but baby steps.  This allows me to be patient with others taking baby steps.  I didn't let go of who I am.  I just went deeper into who I am, time traveling through my DNA, to find and become one with the great I AM.


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