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WINDRUSH CHILDREN - The Untold Story: Windrush Generation Exhibition, Library of Birmingham, UK - until 30th June 2018

WINDRUSH CHILDREN - The Untold Story @ Windrush Generation Exhibition @ Library of Birmingham 24th May - 30 June 2018

An exhibition that takes you on a journey that includes displays of the "Front-room",  clothes & fashion of the times, common foods and successful athletes and musical artists. 

Ambassador Ras Seenaa Habte Wold presents a new dimension in a display telling the Windrush history in a new narrative through the eyes of a Rastaman over 20 large display panels. 

Ras Seenaa also shares 2 cabinets of his "Negusa Negasti" (King of Kings) collection showing original Ethiopian coins, medals, stamps & books from Emperor Haile Selassie I, along with a large collection of ebony carvings.'

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African Americans were by far the best supporters of my work, top secret history, because they understand what hell is like due to their treatment in the United States. Whites couldn't deal with me. It is now getting better, but for a long time, it was the African Americans who I adored because they understood me. Now, we are all slaves. The minute your birth certificate is submitted to whatever government entity keeps the original of that document, you are a slave no matter what skin color you have. The enslavers are going after all races now. They just do not want us to know until it's too late.

I have written a biography of the Shah of Iran who was partly deposed by the CIA because he gave grants of money to Yemen and certain African Nations, which if he had been able to continue, would have enabled them to begin paying down against the principal of their World Bank and IMF loans.

This is history which repeats because people don't know this information around the world including Iran, and especially the United States where the press lied to the people telling them that the Iranian people deposed the Shah of Iran. My book will be available this summer. Here's the dust jacket of it.


Arlene Johnson


To see my other work, click on the icon that says Magazine. It's free and it's internationally acclaimed.


Thanks for posting this. 

I attended a very interesting presentation on the 70th anniversary of Windrush recently.  There were some personal recollections as well as heartbreaking films about what happened to people during the Notting Hill riots during 1958 in London, as well as what is still being done to migrants who try to get to Europe today.  They are sent to Libya where they are imprisoned, tortured and raped, and ransoms are demanded from their famiies. It is absolutely shocking, and this is still going on right now.!topic/nurture-success-events/uaNK...


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