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  • Who is Nelson Mandela for You? 
  • What principle or ideal associated with Nelson Mandela are you intoning and practicing in all aspects of your every day life?

~Kwasi Akyeampong



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To not be outwitted by the white man. "Beware the black man that white men lionize"

He did the best that he could. He fought the system of racism white supremacy as hard as he could, but the system won. The same white power over relative non-white powerlessness is still the power equation that is in effect. He'll get a statue like Dr. King, but the system will say, 'We respect him, but we destroyed him.' In the future decades, people who classify themselves as white will make an sterilized, whitewashed saint of him, totally misrepresenting him as they do Dr. King. Meanwhile, the deception and direct violence, the two primary weapons of the system of racism white supremacy will continue.

Nelson Mandela showed incredible courage and integrity.  Click here to read my blog - A Light Has Gone Out

Mandela was always after the money and in the end he got it and the presidency. Now that he's dead the people can move on the path of justice which Mandela and the ANC suppressed,that of land claims. Mandela is really the saviour for white people and not only in South Afrika that's why whitefolks have his statue in their town squares all over Europe.

You wont find President Mugabe and that's because Pres. Mugabe insists that the land stolen by whitefolks must be returned to the rightful owners, in contrast Mandela told them they could keep it. If Winnie did not bring Mandela into the revolution his only function as a lawyer would be to help the British invaders entrench their customs and laws in South Afrika even though those laws were designed to work against the local people. Good riddance.    


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