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Who dare talk about Reparations when the top Googled search term in Mauritania is the "Price Of A Slave"?

How dare I talk about REPARATIONS? Do you know that the number one Googled search term (keyword) in Mauritania is the PRICE OF A SLAVE? What kind of a self-serving human being do I get to be when I adorn myself with and in the products of Slave Labour while pleading for REPARATION - even as I gyrate to Bob Marley singing "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...none but ourselves can free...our minds..."(sic). Don't talk to me about REPARATIONS. Remove the shackles from your mind and free the 35 million people living in Shackle Slavery producing the merchandise you are addicted to. Until then you are complicit.

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First of all, Reparation is no Dare or do game, and to Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, certainly is not an act of self serving, nor is it begging.
such ill advised statement being made irrationally about Reparation, coming from so call Black activists, clearly demonstrate a lack of knowledge about the true meaning and purpose of Reparation, and ignorance is Black folks most self destructive enemy.
So, I do not concern myself with the nay Sayers about Reparation, and all who are influenced by such an act to distract away from Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, demonstrate that there are such low quality of minds that do not Think .


Your Candy Bar Was Made By Child Slaves.

You who demand Reparations should take the shackles of your mind and free the 35million enduring physical shackle slavery.

Human trafficking: The hidden victims of supply and demand


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