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What's necessary for one to live in a world organized around similarities while not separated by differences?

As human beings we are either organized around our differences or our similarities. Many of us are organized in a segregated environment of our own creation - a separate society called Black or African American.  Whatever experience the experience are in the world the experience is consistence with being separate and segregated and different or similar. What's necessary for one to live in a world organized around similarities while not separated by differences? ~KA

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God made the black woman/man in Africa, red woman/man in the Americas, yellow woman/man in Asia and  and the whiteman/woman in Europe. Ordinarily, blacks will live among blacks, reds will live among reds, the yellows will live among the yellows and the whites will live among the whites. No problem. Each in its own environment. Unfortunately or fortunately, the whites took off and started exploring the world. They traveled to all parts of the world exploiting the people, killing them, stealinlg their gold, diamonds and valuable properties on different people in different lands. First it was the Portugal and the Christian Church and their kings. Their encounter with the different races has broaden the minds of the Europeans. Read the history of the Christian Church and the explorations of this world. Although I admire the European efforts to reach out to the rest of the world and now going to the outer space. This efforts is commendable for they are bold and daring. Few countries can dare dream of such ventures. So it was during the time of Mango Park, David Livingstone and many others. But what was behind their mind was not discovery but exploiting of the native people. The Europeans must be commended for being bold to do what they did and are doing otherwise the whole world will remain isolated andchaotic and disorganized. Each race think they are better than the others when in fact even the most primitive among us is best in her/his environment.  These ventures let to the Europeans and Arabs imposing their ways of life on the rest of  the world. Islam and Christianity are the two main institutions that are at fault. This also brought about slavery and chattel slavey. These institutions would not have come if he Europeans and Arabs were God fearing and honest among themselves but the wars in Europe and its extensions in all over the world with Europeans taking the lands of other races and claiming them as their own. During the hegemony of Europe in this world, they left the native to themselves and used them as animals. This cruel existence of Europeans will never go as long as their greed and selfish ways of lookig at other people persist. We thank Americans, for where ever they conquered, they developed the people. Look at Western European after hitler. America developed the people in Europe especially West Germany and England after the Second World War. Look at Japan, Korea and other places Americans have conquered, they did their best and helped the people to respect themselves in democracy and governance. Japan and Korea and now India although not conquered, the massive American money has stabilized india and now the world's largest democracy. When the Europeans and Arabs took over the world, they imposed themselves on the natives preaching the religions as if they have powers to God when in fact my people in my village Afrantwo are more closer to God in our religion than all the Abraham religions. The Abraham religions have done and are doing more harem to the world then anything else the world has seen. Now it BOKO HARAM, and then it is another Islamist extremists. Why?  In the long run, we must learn to live as human beings. In fact the mixture of the races is more real than the races sticking to themselves. When white man marries a black woman the resulting issue is some of the best colors to be hold. So goes on with the blending with all tthe colors. It is my believe that one day; and that day may never come as long as we are capitalists lookind and seeking to betterment ourselves instead of building a world for human beings with capitalism. 


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