Western Imperialists Attack Mali

                                                           From the Ramparts

                                             Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                          Western Imperialists Attack Mali


“And it is military action, both covert and incrementally more overt, that will see the West’s extremist proxies and the West’s faux efforts to stem them, increasingly creep over the Mali-Algerian border, as the old imperial maps of Europe are redrawn right before our eyes. Meanwhile, these very same terrorist forces continue to receive funding, arms, covert military support, and diplomatic recognition in Syria, by NATO, and specifically the US and France who are both claiming to fight the “Free Syrian Army’s” ideological and very literal allies in North Africa.” By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria- Tony Cartalucci By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria


A few weeks ago I shared my predictions for 2013 several of them had to do with Africa, I said, “So as we prepare for 2013, I predict the West will continue its push for war against Syria, Iran and Mali using the bogus rationale of dismantling or eliminating weapons of mass destruction or a totally fake concern about the safety of the people who live in those countries. Ironically, these same forces are funding and arming the ‘bad guys’ to give themselves the pretext to do what they want to do, which is wage more war… Last year I predicted the US would attempt to expand its neo-colonial military command called AFRICOM deeper into Africa. The goal is to establish a beachhead with equipment and boots on the ground as a precursor to stealing the resources of the continent, and they did. This year I anticipate they will redouble their efforts given their ‘successes’ in Libya and Corte d’Ivoire.” Well, here we are not even a full month into 2013 and the whites are bum rushing Mali.  

Of course the warmongers are too psychopathic to admit they are waging war to steal the resources of the region, to murder more innocent people (to further their goal of global depopulation) and install pliant quislings to make sure they “control” the region, so they pay proxies, mercenaries and dupes to create a “humanitarian” or political justification and pretext to intervene, in this case the ever convenient “Islamic terrorists”. When will we wake up and figure it out, Al Qaeda is a Western front entity created and supported by the Anglo-Americans and their allies.

 In some cases the people dubbed by the West as terrorists are really freedom fighters attempting to redress wrongs and conditions imposed upon them over time by outside forces namely ravaging European trading companies, corporations’ armies and missionaries. But in most cases the “terrorists” are paid dupes and proxies for Western interests who are being used and exploited to further the aims of the multi-national corporations who covet the resources.

Don’t go for the okey-doke. The real reasons are to control and expropriate the natural resources of Africa, secure cheap labor, to prevent another power (China) from gaining access and to reestablish Western hegemony in the region. If you doubt what I’m saying read The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals … by R. Teichman at http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-war-on-mali-what-you-should-know/5319093 . This article tells exactly what the whites are after, which minerals they covet and where they are located.

Keep in mind the same thing happened several years ago in Niger where the indigenous nomadic Tuareg people were resisting plans by the West (France) to expropriate land for the uranium there. It seems France is trying to retake its old colonial territory in West Africa. We have been so negatively brainwashed about Africa we are unaware it is awash in mineral and natural wealth; perhaps it is richest continent on the planet. All over the continent there are struggles being waged by whites for the resources and to keep the Chinese from making further headway on the continent. The only thing we usually hear about Africa is the usual propaganda about fighting terrorism, bringing “civilization” stability etc the same old BS they have been saying for the last five hundred years plus.

“The New Scramble for Africa has been a mixed blessing for the continent. It has brought higher levels of economic growth and tax revenues to finance some social and infrastructural investment. It seems to have strengthened states and generated incentives for institutionalization so that resources can be exported. However, it has also tended to strengthen international support for incumbent, often undemocratic, regimes and speeded up the pace of environmental degradation. The deforestation process in Mozambique is known locally as the “Chinese take away”. What will happen to Zambia’s economy when all of the copper is gone? Even the much vaunted mobile phone revolution in Africa, in which many foreign owned companies are involved, is problematic. When poor peasant farmers or traders buy airtime the profits often flow to people offshore, such as the majority shareholder in Bharti Airtel; reportedly the ninth richest person in India.

While there are similarities between the nineteenth and twenty first century scrambles for Africa, there are also differences. Both were driven by the desire to access natural resources and markets; however African countries are now juridically independent. This means that external powers and companies have to negotiate with African political elites, who act as gatekeepers. This has sometimes had progressive outcomes, with Liberia renegotiating what was widely regarded as a highly exploitative iron deal with ArcelorMittal, for example. Also Asian companies are increasingly investing in manufacturing activities across the continent, holding out the promise of some economic diversification, unlike during the First Scramble when manufacturing in Africa was sometimes forbidden by the European powers. Higher commodity prices could also provide resources for domestic investment and economic diversification, if revenues aren’t offshored by multinational companies and domestic elites. Whether or not this happens will largely depend on political mobilizations and struggles in African countries, and the use of greater bargaining power to achieve concessions from the international system for African countries to determine their own developmental priorities.” The New Scramble for Africa By Pádraig Carmody http://www.worldfinancialreview.com/?p=1273

The above article was written in such a way to minimize and trivialize the brutal aspects of the latest imperialist scramble for African resources, to make it seem like this is all about business, rather than bloodletting. However, the fact of the matter is Africans are dying all over the continent due to the new scramble for African resources as I predicted, Mali is merely one example.



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