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The Past Is Nothing Old. The past is the same thing over and over and over. Those who learn from the past are doomed repeat it over and over and over. ~KA

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The saying is this: Those who do not learn from their past mistakes are bound to repeat it.  What you have presented Akwasi, is contrary to logic. We go to school to learn. Yes, book knowledge is not good enough. it is the domesticated education that makes a person a real human being; for his peoples' ways of life are inculcated into her/him.  Most Africans go to schools to learn what others have documented and written as a norm for the society. Those are not good enough but it teaches what the child in a society aught to know. Note that Africans do not know our history. We keep repeating it over and over again because people like you think the way you have written the problem above. Knowing your history as a slave and a chattel slave brought to the West for Europeans to make money from free labor for over 500 year, has enable the Europeans acquire money. Yes, they have money. But have we learnt from our enslavement. No, we have not. If we have we will by now have organization in all the villages, towns and cities of every country in this world. But because we are oblivious of our past and "I ain't no African" is our mantra and as such the  killings of people continue. We are also not proactive but reactive. Recent incident should tell you that. We as a people must begin to re examine our situation in this world. It is only by knowing our past that will enable us to overcome the future obstacles Of all animals, human beings have the ability to remember our past and live it or reject it. In our case, it is terrible to live in our passt as slaves to Europeans and Arabs, no schools, toilets, water, roads and poor. When we lived in North Africa, the whole world was under us. We travelled  to India, China, Russia and far east and established our Africanity there. When the Zurugouths came to kick us out of Norht African and they forced us into our present locations we lost almost everything that our ancestors developed. The last library was burnt by the Moslems who taunt at us that those were nothing. Then, not long after, the Europeans needed people to develop their lands in the Americas; noth and south America and the queen of England gave them permission to capture us and sell us because they consider is to be animals. YOU Akwasi Akyeampong and me are at the end of post slavery encounter with Euoropeans and Arabs. So we must be humble. The independence of Africa just came after the 2ND WORLD WAR. Not because we fought the Western Europeans; England, France and Portugall but because the lost the war to Hitler and the Amricans demanded them to free us because the Soviet Union was spreading communism to African and some of our able leaders had bought it and Americans were afraid.  Just recently, I was an old man when independence came to black Africa and five years after Ghana attained independence I was in USA. Before independence, it was almost impossible to travel, for who could go to England for a USA visa? Nkruman, may he rest in peach stowed away in a ship to get to America and I came to USA by ship because no air line would go to the dark continent.  We have work to do. Join us at and

Thanks for proving my point by simply regurgitating what you have learned without daring to question it. Could it be that there may be another way? Dare to look for yourself?r

Everything learned is learned from the past.
The Degrees and Letters one has attached to their name the more they are attached to the past.

My is not the truth.
It is another way of looking and inquiring into the past.
Be inquisitive.
Set aside age-old beliefs.
What could life be like from this view?


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