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The People’s Organization for Progress opposes and condemns U.S. Trump Imperial regime change efforts in Venezuela

“The People’s Organization for Progress opposes condemns all regime change efforts of the U.S. imperial Trump administration to engineer a right wing

coup and overthrow the current government of Venezuela.

          “The sovereignty of Venezuela and the right of self-determination of its people must be upheld. The inhumane U.S. sanctions that are destroying the Venezuelan economy causing untold suffering amongst people must be lifted. Diplomacy and dialogue are what is needed to address the crisis, not military, economic and political warfare.

          “P.O.P. opposes any planned invasion of Venezuela or the use of any military forces in or against that country.”


          Lawrence Hamm, chairman


          For more information:


PO BOX 22505

NEWARK, NJ 07101


January 29, 2018

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Trump is just a puppet of the powers-that-be. What people need to know both in the USA and in Venezuela is that the United States is the military component of the New World Order (One World Government, i.e. the new Dark Ages). See and the two links immediately thereafter and connected to the first link at the bottom of each of them. Venezuela, being a Roman Catholic country, has been betrayed by the Vatican which is also 1/3 of the New World Order.

Even Pope John Paul II said, "We need a new world order" when he was the pope. To understand more about the Vatican and its greed, log onto
This is my feature called America's Concerns. Scroll down half way until you see Stephen Ames: A Tortured Enemy Of The State. Read #26, #27, and #28. Or read all 40 items. You might just learn something.


Arlene Johnson



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