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De-coding 12 years a slave


The drums are beating, sending messages from the ancestral realm of warnings both bitter and sweet, news of birth and regeneration, news of death and transformation. The Afrikan drumbeat is synchronized to the Afrikan heartbeat, the heart being the seat of memories, memories of past, present and future. Today the Afrikan drums are beating more frantically, its messages picked up by today’s mediums, the beat is televised, written in books of Spoken Words, sang in songs of redemption, the Afrikan drums are beating, they who have ears let them hear.


In the recent movie ’12 years a slave’ the Afrikan drums are beating very loudly and non-stop thruout the movie. From the onset the beat reveals the comfort by which we have settled into an oppressive environment, seeing ourselves as part but not parcel to the seemingly good-life, we dress the part, work the part and refuse to see the contradictions that present themselves every day to us. Contradictions such as a young Blackman struggling to get our attention to alert us to his enslavement before the enslaver approaches and literally forcefully orders him away, we look at these contradictions thru the eyes of the good-cop personified, we rationalize that he must have done something wrong, just as we ignore each other today, I wonder how many Black peoples door Renisha McBride knocked on in Dearborn Heights for help, who ignored her because she is a Black person knocking on doors in this fine upstanding neighborhood, before she was murdered for seeking help? The drums are beating.


The beat tells us, warns us that we are too trusting of Yurugu, while we must take advantage of ways to use them against their own system of oppression to ferment our escape we must not commit our hearts and souls to appearances of virtue and high morals, they are murderers, kidnappers, torturers, pedophiles and they mean to subdue us and reduce us to a status that is less than an animal, to mere property to be treated according to their will. The beat warns us not to struggle with thoughts of ‘some are good’ we must sleep with one eye open amongst them all as long as we remain subject to their jurisdiction. Trusting Yurugu got Solomon (sun of man) enslaved as he closed both eyes around two smiling seemingly harmless Yurugu males who got him drunk, probably drugged him with a version of ‘date rape drugs’ and sold him into bondage.


The beat reminds us of the horrors forced on our ancestors, it reminds us of the various mind-states that developed as a result of this horrific oppression, see how the brother who had escaped and was recaptured ran into the arms of his legal (not the same as lawful) owner (enslaver) because life with this enslaver would be better, a relief, from life in the vastly more physically brutal plantations he would be destined for. How grateful we are to these corporations who enslave us with a few dollars, we would lie for them; steal for them while thanking them for allowing us to give them our first-born in exchange to go further into bondage thru the debtor’s notes. The Afrikan drums are beating.


The beat tells us that we are at great risk today because of this blind trust and allegiance to a system that appears to be benign but a system under which every 36 hours a Black person is killed (hung) by police (run-away slave bounty hunters) who get paid for our return dead or alive; a system under which Yurugu males of position on the plantation subdue our women forcefully until they bargain their very souls to the devil to remain free from the whip and the cotton fields. Just as today our women are coerced and programmed thru television programs to cheer and be gladiators (slaves who provide entertainment for the enslavers thru fighting each other to the death) as a Black woman playing the part of a Black woman is raped by a plantation owner (The President of the United States) a white man playing the part of a white man as Scandal instead of reparations is the topic of the day, they don’t see how day by day they begin to see the whiteman, this very same monster, this murderer, this kidnapper, this liar, this pedophile, this rapist as a viable mating option. The Afrikan drums are beating.


The beat tells us that in these corporations where we compete for positions and attention which both have promises of more income is no different than the Blackman Solomon under duress having to apply whip to the back of the Blackwoman Patsy, it is not instinctive that we betray each other, while Solomon hung from the tree, the other enslaved Afrikans mostly walked around him under duress, some risked their lives to bring him some water but none dared cut him down under duress, it demonstrates the good-cop/bad-cop for which we fall victim to time and time again, not realizing that the system of oppression enriches the good-cop as it does the bad-cop, without the system of oppression how can the good-cop stand out as the good-cop, he is the one that cuts you down from the tree as you pledge your soul to him, thanking him, owing him your very freedom, confiding your plans in him as he informs the system. The Afrikan drums are beating.


The beat tells us that we are on the brink of re-enslavement; that we are walking backwards into enslavement with each progressive step we take further into integration with Yurugu. That we will willingly go into physical bondage because the system, yurugu’s system tells us to do so for the sake of National Security, perhaps he will tell us that a threat of nuclear explosion is eminent, how do we validate this? we lack the control and means and thus power over our existence, perhaps he will tell us that an asteroid or giant comet is about to strike the USA and that everyone must go into underground bunkers, he will tell us that for safety sake races will be separated, all Back people will be in one area, we will never see the white people being transported by armed military personnel into these underground bunkers which for our safety will be sealed, locked, and guarded, we don’t have the infrastructure to verify that there is no threat to the planet surface, that white people remain free above ground, that we have just been re-enslaved until the torturous reality sets in, until the whippings begin, until the murders, rapes, forced labor begins because this is the only way the USA and its all-liars remain so-called super-powers  with the free labor of the Afrikans that built them and made them so. The Afrikan drums are beating, your heart is beating, you are remembering, you are awakening, can you hear the beat?


The beat that tells us we are out of time, that the Demand for reparations is the key that unlocks the bars of time around us, that this demand must be made before to avoid the after. Up you mighty people, the whirlwind is here, open its eye and see yourself within for the eye of the storm is the command center of the storm, whosoever sits therein controls and directs the storm, Yurugu knows this information, that is why he has been busy trying to unlock the Afrikan DNA for therein is the key to the eye, where are all our children disappearing to? Where are the over 5 million Black people who are missing from the census count since 1980? The Afrikan drums are beating. 12 years a slave is actually close 864 years of enslavement which will afford enough time to permanently reduce the Afrikan population, ensure that future generations are permanently inoculated with a subservient mentality, re-establish the USA’s position, ensure that Europe survives, and decode the Afrikan genome. UP YOU MIGHTY PEOPLE.




Move The Village

Move The Village

To Higher Ground

Comes The Storm

Comes The Storm




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Brother Rudwaan,

Well said. Indeed, our people are under a "spell" of delusion, oppression, false promises and misguided goals. These conditions were foretold 3,500 years ago, written down in plain sight for all to see, yet remained secret until now - the "last days" of this wicked system. Most of your well reasoned and passionate essay is right on point, however, there is one point that needs adjustment IMHO.

Reparations will never be given to us by this government. Wealth and power are their gods. They live and die by these idols. Yet, Genesis 15:13, 14 tells us that reparations will be provided for the "chosen people of God" upon their being liberated from their enslavement, which as you point out is currently ongoing. The enslavement of the mind appears to be the most devastating strategy of all. Yet, I perceive signs that some of our people are coming out of their "spell" and are showing signs of critical thinking.

There is hope, not pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky hope. But a real hope based on the proven track record of the Almighty to keep His Word. Deut.28:15-68 is the first step toward our identifying who we are, where we came from and why we are catching Hell in America. Genesis 15:13, 14 tells us our time of affliction is rapidly coming to an end. 

Read, research, study and meditate. Connect the dots and energize your mind and the minds of others to recognize the unmistakable pattern that provides answers to the questions we have always had about our origins and our future, as a people. Shalom, my dear bother and continue to sound out the alarm, but with a vision of a better future for us all. 

Hotep bro Bernard, you are right 'reparations will never be given to us by this government' we have to DEMAND it, the DEMAND has its own built in therapeutic benefits to the Afrikan globally 


Well done! I hear and feel the beating of the Drum!


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