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On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Spanish section of the Black Panther Party 1988-2018 the and Uhuru Afrika tv, In our eagerness to write black history in Spain and reflect the enormous contribution, they have begun a series of interviews with ex-combatants and
Former party militants. Most are sisters and brothers who discovered the game and became aware in the context of the Free Mandela struggles and Nazi terrorism against the black community thanks to Public Enemy's Hip-Hop, Scholy D, Huey P. Newton and Malcolm x, committed during time as militants or leader of the Garveyist revolutionary organization. Are example of transforming the criminal mentality into a revolutionary mentality. Some of them today are influential Hip-Hop figures, others are references of the Afro movement or great professionals of success, parents, actors, academics, writers or just good people. We recommend it because it is part of our collective Afro-Hispanic historical memory that appears in the book and documentary film: History of the Panthers of Spain, with a preface by the eminent Dr Akinyele Umoja from Georgia State University. As journalist Abuy Nfubea said recently during the annual Christmas dinner in Parla Spain, in honor of the brotherhood of combatants and fallen,
"we want that the black community and especially the whole of the Pan-Africanist Movement - Garveyista y maroon (4th International ) , the hip-hop generation and Regetton, womanist against patriarchy, the undocumented, the students in struggles that we are organized to achieve a process of black reparation in Spain for centuries of slavery, colonialism Apartheid and now migration, know that: We will never forget the example that you have given, the commitment and the courage acquired at the moment very difficult to find a solution, for us you are the best and you will always be the best".

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