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South Africa: The Land is Ours: 'The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the colour line'

The year 1900 was selected for the launch of the Pan-African Conference. South Africa was, at the time, in the throes of war, with Boers pitted against the British Empire. This proved to be to the advantage of the African Association, providing it with a unique opportunity to foreground the interests of the black people of South Africa, but its main concern remained the treatment of black people by the British Empire throughout its colonies. In the Lagos Standard of 5 July 1899, the following report appeared:

In view of circumstances and the widespread ignorance which is prevalent in England about the treatment of native races under British rule, the African Association, which consists of members of the race resident in England, and which has been in existence now for nearly two years, has resolved during the Paris Exhibition in 1900 to hold a conference in London … in order to take steps to influence public opinion on existing proceedings and conditions affecting the welfare of natives in the various parts of the Empire, CONTINUES

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