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Greetings Jamharics Nation!


With your effort I raised enough money to take a much needed trip to Zion, Shashamane, Ethiopia.

I was able to distribute the clothes and school supplies donated to the Rasta run Yawenta School by our Sister Alicia Wallace. I was able to continue the support of the two girls our Nation sends to school as well as donate another personal computer.

It was possible for me to reconnect with the Jamharics community and source more of the pictures I need to help illustrate their journey in Zion. But there was sadness on this visit.

Bruh Karl was one of the first pioneers and founding members of the Jamaican Rastafari Development school  (JRDC) in Shashamane. He made the transition March 19th, 2014. Bruh Karl is survived by his wife and their five children.

Like King Haile Selassie I he believed it his charge to help others: "It is both the duty and responsibility of the world's fortunate few to help fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many."

Bruh Karl gave his youth, the most precious period of his life, for the ideal of giving back to the land which cradled man and womankind. By achieving his goal of African redemption and repatriation, I am able to stand upon his shoulders and tell this story.

Jamahrics: The Children of Zion documents the lives of  the pioneering Rastafari who repatriated themselves to southern Ethiopia from the Caribbean almost 50 years ago. The film will give a voice to their descendants, who have until now been forgotten.


Blessed thanks for coming on this journey with us! Like the Rastafari community in Shashamane, there is no giving up or giving in.

For those asking how you can still contribute to the making of this ground breaking documentary please visit our official website:

More Love, More Life!

Jamharics: The Children of Zion 
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Jamharics: The Children of Zion - Jamaicans, Rastafarians, in Ethiopia

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