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As I am sure you know, today is Holocaust Memorial Day, where people all over the world remember and commemorate the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis in death camps. 

But did you know there were also African people in the death camps?  African people were experimented on, exploited and killed in the camps. 

And did you know that the first German death camp ("Shark Island") was built in 1906 - in Namibia, South West Africa?  And that it was considered the blueprint for what the Nazis did later? 

Check out my blog post:  German Death Camp in Namibia

After the First World War, the French Army stationed African soldiers in Germany.  Many of them and their children were killed or sterilized by the Nazis.

See also:  African History: Invasion 1897.  My revew of Invasion 1897 - about the invasion of Benin in West Africa - links to lots more African history blogs. 

If Black lives really do matter, we need to remember our dead. 

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