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 One  year more  On the most eminent African MARCUS GARVEY DAY, urden the motto 'CONTRA EL GENOCIDIO NEGRO NI UN PASO ATRAS', we call MARCHA MUNDIAL CONTRA EL GENOCIDIO AFRICANO EN BRASIL. This year 4º Internacional Panafricanista Garveyista Cimarron. We celebrate too the anniversary  fundation on Pan-African scholar Winnie Mandela, an Afro-centric and community school dedicated to African children in Brazil. We will manifest ourselves in all the streets of Salvador de Bahia, São Paulo, Brasilia, rio de Janeiro, Curitiba , Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza

Porto Alegre and 10 cities more ( infront the world infort of Brazilians embasies) . 
Summoned by 4th International Pan-African Garveyist Cimarron, we demand the end of the genocide and the murders against the black community and African youth (Hip-Hop generation) that are being murdered by police, guard, military police or paramilitars groups   and  white supremacy in Brazil and Colombia .
The majority of those murdered in Colombia and Brazil are community political leaders of the black people that the State eliminates to steal their lands, confess the favelas for luxurious apartments for the Olympic Games or the World Cup, thus making the black population aware. The election of the political rights of the African social majority through the REPARATION BY CENTURIES OF SLAVERY COLONIALISM, APARTHEID. This genocide is made with the  complicity silence of the different governments, media (o globo, RTVE, RNE, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the European Union,  American Development Bank, United Nations,  Organization of American States,  Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America,  African Union,  General Secretariat Iberoamericana,  biggest NGOs, and uncle toms such Pastor Elias CERD-UN, Doudu Diene UNESCO etc ... with this they silence and empty the Afrodescendant decade that the Africanists conquered in the UN.
From our 4IGPC foundation, our organization has opted for the restructuring of the international African Movement of Marcus Garvey from the repair and other unitary spaces. This commitment implies the public projection through unitary bodies and responds to the need to obtain a capacity for mobilization and incidence that we would not have. But 4IPGC represents a concrete and strategic line of ideology that could be defined by the following points: Panafricanism without ambiguities in relation to autonomy as well as with the territoriality of the African nation promised by Garvey. Construction of a revolutionary cimarrona alternative and willingness to participate in the struggles of the African working class, linking them to the national liberation project. Prioritization of popular struggles against the tendency to bet the entire Movement's future in the institutional front.
Support for all forms of struggle and the desire to print combat against popular movements. The sectors that share these principles with us have grown since then. But we remain the only organization in which the adhesion to all these principles is both unquestionable and unquestioned. And this does, not only that our organization is necessary, but also its external projection. If we want to continue extending these principles to the whole Movement, we need an organization:
Ensure the centrality of the pan-Africanist struggle in the strategy of the national liberation movement or African fundamentalism. That guarantee the integrity of the program repaired conquered in Durban 2001 without waiving any type (reparation). Having such an organization is a guarantee to prevent the movement of African liberation among the 200 million Latin American Africans being instrumentalized by interests beyond those of the wild and never more than Uncle Tom and their international orgnism.
In the same way that it is tried to avoid that the current iberoamericqno racist interdisciplinary system is called into question. International organizations and organizations are trying to absorb the African liberation struggle and make a market, but in no case do we use the spheres of folklore liberation if they are part of the neo-colonial logics, since we can not be free if they kill us and that is not in equality, an equality that no longer happens to fight against genocide, discrimination and exploitation but to conquer the reparation through the POWER OF THE MOST NEGATIVE SOCIAL. The fruits of the well-known folklorism only encompass social sectors that can afford to recreate spaces other than social dynamics, occupational concerns. These, indiscriminately, are classics. We can not speak of liberation if this is not total and it can not be if the struggle to achieve it does not have the front-line demand for the obstacles that the working class must fight against. The African liberation must go through the organic and internacionallista liberation.
Precisely aware of this need, we take this march with pride in knowing about the fight and knowing the street. A pride that takes the flag of the Black and Green Red fight as long as MALCOLMX said under the class-consciousness of the Field Niggers. Today we are fighting and we are recovering as figures present throughout history, we put forward activists for the rights to life that have marked our past for today to make us aware of the need to reverse the present and win the future .
This year on Agoust 25th in a festive and afropositive atmosphere, but certain tens of thousands of citizens rastafaries, black nationalist, students arrived, artist in more than a hundred buses from all points in the world,  we will accompany the relatives of the assassinated leaders at this historic march. There will be music and a stage from where the speeches of the leaders Reaja campaign will take place. How can you support?,  socializing this information, translation,  on your web radio, tv, talking about the topic or convened  a concentration of protest in front of the embassy of Brasil or Colombia in your city.
See you on the 25th of August with Kilombo X, Comandante Hamilton  and campaign reaja in the streets of Salvador.
General secretary of  4th International Pan-African Garveyist Cimarron
Renata Ondo
Secretaria comunicación

"mtopanafricanista lavapies"

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