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Can anyone locally or nationally publicly interview Sister Tori Tyson, who is one of the last surviving Black business owners on what is left of the few blocks on the original Black Wall Street Of Tulsa on Greenwood?? 918-576-6200  

BREAKING NEWS -- THIS JUST IN -- My statement to THE BLACK WALL STREET TIMES Media in Tulsa. As Chairman Of Nation Black Wall Street Chicago and a National Representative of Black Wall Street USA, I would like to think that money should be directed for helping create, sustain and increase Black owned business on the historic original Black Wall Street Of Tulsa. What I am hearing now is that by the 100th Year Centennial OR SOONER that there will be NO Black owned businesses on sustaining few blocks on the original Black Wall Street Of Tulsa. I am reading various social media posts where current remaining Black businesses on Greenwood are being forced out of their businesses with higher rents than they can afford, and I recently saw on line where the roof and other repairs are being ignored long enough by landlords they they too will no longer be able to sustain their businesses. What a way to celebrate the upcoming 98th Year commemoration.

More should be done to expose what is happening to the current Black businesses on Greenwood and what can done to sustain and grow them. If not then we are headed into celebrating a 100th Year Centennial where NO BLACK OWNED businesses even exist on the original Black Wall Street Of Tulsa. Millions of dollars should be spent showing how a Black business community was supported to return and grow on where the ancestors were surviving before being attacked and massacred on those historic and sacred blocks of Greenwood. AND Maybe during the 100th Year Centennial these funds can also help study JUST HOW MUCH would Black owned blocks and business on Greenwood be economically worth had they not been burned down 100 years go? HOW to you celebrate REPAIRING the economic damage? Other that that, The 100th Year Centennial will be an economic tourism boom for Whites that was once a Black owned business community that was never economically restored to The Black community. Thanks for HEARING MY VOICE! God bless

Legislature dedicates $1.5 million to the centennial commemoration of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

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While We continue to focus on the terrorism of the vicious attack on the New Afrikan Community in 1921, rightly so, iam hoping that We do not overlook the great lesson of "Little Africa" before the race-hatred  destroyed it.  Only 56 year out of the worst enslavement in the history of the world, New Afrikans in Tulsa had built a community to marvel and one that was envied by those who had oppression and subjugated us for the total 302 years that We were recorded to be in america.  Only 56 years out of under the blanket of total dehumanization, New Afrikan had built a "community" that imbued pride in New Afrikans deeper than what america had done for americans.  Only 56 years out of the brutal aggression of spirit-busting of chattel enslavement, New Afrikans already had built 21 Churches, 21 Restaurants, 2 Movie Theaters, 6 Private Planes, A Hospital, A Post office, Schools, Libraries, A Bus System, Bank, Law Offices, Nightclubs,
Drug Stores, Funeral homes, Hotels, and the likes.

iam hoping that We do not overlook the great lesson of "Little Africa" before the race-hatred destroyed it.  iam hoping that We teach our children that through a Buy-Black Mentality, We can easily replicate the Afrikan Spirit of Little Africa is any Black Community in the usa.  iam hopeful that We give teach our children that Little Africa is the model for build the Republic of New Afrika.  iam hopeful that 250,000 Blackfolks on the sideline of our revolution will review the Aims of the New Afrikan Revolution in the Code of Umoja and come to overstand that YES WE CAN! build a Black Nation better than what We now know.

iam hoping that We do not overlook the great lesson of "Little Africa" before the race-hatred destroyed it.  iam hopeful that We will all get on the team that is working to make life better and safer for our children and their children by taking control of our society and how it is governed.  iam hoping that We do not overlook the great lesson of "Little African" before the race-hatred destroyed it.


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