This week's episode of African Health Dialogues focuses on EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in African countries, whether starting in their infancy or up and running.

What is the experience of those establishing or running and EMS programs in Africa? Does the current model work, do we need to localize it for the African context -- given that there is often differences in availability of medical facilities, welfare provision, accessibility to EMS and trained staff and equipment?

We hope to spur a renewed awareness of sustainable health initiatives, performance reviews, and the need for networks of physicians' and pharmacists' interests in exchanging information and improving the overall health care services in Africa.

Please join this discussion live via Skype or phone.
When: SaturdayAugust 62011 @ 12 noon-1pm Eastern Standard Time

Skype ID: AfricanViews
Contributors and Listeners dial-in number: (760) 283-0850

Co-Host: Dr. Ladi Owolabi Co-Host: Dr. Susanna J Dodgson

Remember to call in between 12 noon-1pm New York Time. The show will be recorded and Podcast on African Views (AV). Check your calendar, prepare and join us live to let your views count! Audience can listen directly live on: AV Radio or on BT Radio (


African Health Dialogues is a weekly health care discussion on AV radio about awareness, progress and gaps, costs and accessibility of medical /pharmaceutical products and services within the African and African Diaspora communities Worldwide.

The program is being facilitated by African Views (AV)Life-Scope Africa Foundation (LAF)Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa (MJoTA)and Phameds International. Objective of the program is to provide health literacy, advocacy, and inspire consensus and leadership roles in improving public health care status in underserved communities.

Host: Dr. Ladi Owolabi
Host: Dr. Susanna J. Dodgson
Producer: Mr. Wale Idris Ajibade
Regular Contributor on Private Sector’s perspective: Mr. Folusho Obe
Quality control: Mr. William A. Verdone



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