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Em Htp! Greetings!

The heated presidential race has pitted whites against Afurakans to an intensity not felt since 'emancipation!' Pure hatred mixed with pure madness serves to dampen the righteous outrage at the banking and insurance companies for flagrant fiscal abuses OR the obscene wealth accumulated by the oil cartels via this war upon arabic peoples. . .

For the most part, since our people are ALWAYS under employed, over incarcerated and generally tossed to the side like, '"The Waste Material of History!" as uttered by the Illustrious Nana Kuntu [aka, Del Jones], we are coping with the economic 'downturn' with our usual tenacity and sheer determination.

But our streets are full of rage and blood -- turned against each other! Our minds are crippled with jealousy, self-hatred and animosity -- against each other. With the blare of the puppet masters insanity machine blasting our senses into senselessness few of us have the temerity to focus on demanding their time come to an end. Even fewer of us can act upon that imperative. . .

We must survive this accursed tirade of both economic and physical terrorism -- we must provide financial support to ourselves to lower the crime rates and reduce the prison roles [as much as we possibly can].

Asante sana to those of you that have embraced the 6dgr vehicle for income generation. While it is as simple as creating a ning network, it isn't as 'popular.' I suspect it is simply because money is involved that many of our seasoned web social networking users are shying away from joining and earning ea$y dollars. However, with all the resistance and fear that I'm getting from internet users, there are just as many youth [17+] recognizing that the job market is bleak and the necessity to earn money 'legally' means the difference between a life sentence for lifting a loaf of bread and earning $40 or $50 a day.

I'm available to help anyone strategize on how to 'bum rush' the 6dgr network in teams in order to secure much needed income for our people: approaching neighborhood churches, girls & boys clubs, sororities & fraternities and other organizations or groups will be critical over the next few weeks -- as election day draws near far too many of our people are going to see pink slips and other 'violence' simply for breathing-while-black in record numbers!

I've researched and found other viable income generating methods that are FREE and have them posted on my websites, Money 'Da' Ea$y Way and YE is Here! Feel free to also check out REAL Money 'Da' Ea$y Way for an additional interent income opportunity.

If I had the metaphysical command of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey or the metaphysical magical vanishing/cloaking power of Queen Mother Aramenta [aka, Harriett Tubman-Davis] I would guide us all safely out of harm's reach. But I don't have their metaphysical abilities so I'm sharing with you what I do have: an inquisitive/investigative mind and eye to see beneath the surface into how things are working for 'them' and against 'us.' The internet has a projected advertising budget of $43.3 billion for 2008-2009. That means (1) somebody is aiming to recoup that money in sales; (2) somebody has at least that much money to spend online and (3) a lot of employment/small business is being conducted online!

We can 'read the writing on the wall' and make moves to support ourselves and our people. We can do this. We Can Do This. We CAN Do This. We CAN DO This. We CAN DO THIS. WE CAN DO THIS.

Looking 4ward 2 THRIVING Through This Economic 'DownTurn'
Azania Speaks -- POWER!

YE is Here!!
Money “DA” Easy Way!
REAL Money 'Da' Ea$y Way
SUR-BET Global Enterprise Network
S.U.R.-B.E.T. Enterprises
Money 'Da' Easy!

©2008 S.U.R.-B.E.T. Publishing

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